Game goes back to chat room after 2v2 with alliance mate


Hello S7 team,

after playing a 2vs2 battle with an alliance mate, the game don’t brings you back to the multiplayer screen (from where you initalized the fight).
It goes back to the alliance chat room.
Should go back to the multiplayer menu. Like it does, if you play a “quick match” with a random partner.

Bye ZeltaZum


I believe it does this because unlike queueing for anything else, your previous screen was Alliance chat due to the fact that your Alliance 2v2 invite is posted in Alliance Chat.


Hello again,

and yes, of course that is caused by that :wink: The developers just store the last used screen and returns to it.

So the behavior to go back to the chat IS a bug IMO.

I want to be in the multiplayer screen again after a battle to play the next battle quickly.