Game freezing up


I don’t know if this is affecting anyone else and this is the first time it’s happened to me. During multiplayer my game is freezing up. To my mind everything stops moving except energy keeps accumulating, the timers on the cards freeze usually just before they can be played, and the timer stops. One time it stuttered and I got through the fight and actually won, the other 3 times I had to reboot and I lost points in the battle. The most recent one by the time my battlefield appeared the opponent had already played a card and I had to try and catch up which I did… until it froze again.

It’s making the game unplayable. I tried shutting down everything in the background and it didn’t help.


This has happened to me before as well. Typically its when your connection to the server isn’t very strong. I would recommend playing on WiFi if you can, or ensuring you have strong connection prior to starting a match.

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