Game Freezes Regularly


After the latest update, the game freezes constantly and locks up my phone. It happens most when I am opening chests, but it happens during matches too. Just letting you know.


Hi @Krull1. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Thanks for reporting it. We know of some issues, but perhaps you’re reporting something new which we are unaware of. I’d love to make sure I understand what you’re experiencing. When you say “Freeze” does that mean (a) The game closes out to the iPhone home screen (b) the game completely freezes all animations and movement but doesn’t exit out to the homescreen © the game continues animating but is unresponsive to touches (d) it’s lagging for a few seconds.


All animations and movement freezes and I cannot exit to the home screen. It just happened again mid-match.


Thanks for the info @Krull1. May I ask the exact device type you’re using and iOS version? For instance, “iPad mini 4 on iOS 10.3”.


iPhone 6s+ iOS12.1.2. Thanks.


It just froze 3 times in a row half way through a game (counting as a loss of course) dropping me from silver and for one dropping me in the event rankings a lot. :angry:


I’ve been having this issue since launch. It’s super frustrating and I’ve quit this game at least 3 times to only come back 3 or so days later. I enjoy the game, but I hate not being able to make any progress through no fault of my own. Losing it bearable if I can learn from it. So far I’m mostly being taught to stop playing the game. :rage:

People are dodging games on the load screen

Hi @Argon @PowerCreep! I’m sorry to hear this is happening to you. May I ask what device you’re using? Are you also on an iPhone 6S+ or a similar 2015-generation device?


I in on an iPhone 6S+. The newest patch didn’t fix the freezing issue. I just have a few seconds of lag now when trying to play units. It’s super fun.


Dear @PowerCreep @Argon @Krull1:

Thanks for highlighting this problem and giving us additional information. Thanks to you, we were able to replicate this problem internally “in the lab”. Now that we’re able to see the problem, we’ll get down to diagnosing why it is happening and stomp out the bug.

Thanks again!

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Any update on this? A fix would be great. Geting tired of giving away my time and effort…


We are still debugging the problem and hope to have it in the next release.


Hi guys.

It would help if you could answer the following questions:

  • Do you have music & sounds turned ON in your settings page?
  • Does the freeze always happen when Val’s factory is on the screen?

Thank you. Just trying to get to the bottom of this.


I’m not sure about it it always happens with Val because it happens so frequently without her involved. Sometimes 4-5 times in a row. My music and sound are turned off.


Iphone xs here. No sound on at all. No Val. Still freezes mid game all the time and never recovers. Debug your networking code and add some fault tolerance already. It seems to freeze the most in a moving car, but not always in that scenario. It happened 6 times to me today.


Hi guys & gals. One of our engineers has created some code which fixes at least one case where this can happen. I am hopeful that this is the “only” reason this could happen. It is possible there are other ways it can happen (aside from the one we’ve reproduced internally) but for sure this specific reason is fixed. It should be included in the next release.


I hope so because it just happened again :angry:


And when is this release?


This should be included in our next “app update”. While we have well planned internal timelines for when we expect it come out, I don’t think it’s productive for me to give more firm dates. There’s way too many factors out of my direct control to be able to personally announce a date (e.g., Apple’s app review team might decide they need us to make a swath of changes before approving the update.) That said, I’m sitting next to a team of people working their butts off to get this release out and into your hands as soon as we can!


Hi @Tiffany @Argon @PowerCreep @Krull1. Our 2.00.1 update was accepted by apple yesterday and show now be live. It includes our attempt to fix your problem. Please let me know if it’s better now, or if we need to keep searching to figure out what’s going on. Thanks!