Game crashes immediately on startup/ main menu

Hi there! For some reason, I’ve kept on getting crashes recently today when starting up WB or even when the game finishes its start up. I’ve tried everything on my iPhone 7, such as restarting my device, checking for updates, and closing WB after it crashed. I also tried starting up other gaming apps on my device and they all worked fine, except WB. Is there a solution to this problem?

P.S: Luckily, I’ve logged into here through PC beforehand. Thank you for implementing this accessibility!

EDIT: I know that I’ve linked my account to Facebook and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. But it did not stop crashes on startup.

Hi @SolidWorkMan. Man that’s terrible. How many other people are experiencing this issue? Trying to triangulate the breadth of the problem…

I had that happen this morning as well on an iPhone XR. It’s fixed now, but it wasn’t about an hour ago.

Except it just happened, so I guess it’s not completely fixed.

Hi everyone @SolidWorkMan @ShinyTseul

You’re not alone with this problem – it’s effecting a bunch of people (including my own personal device.) It’s our top priority to resolve this. Unfortunately our datacenter provider is having problems. We’ve been working with them for the last 7 hours to try to resolve. I don’t yet have any more information or ETA, but I will post when I do.

My understanding is ~600 players have been affected.

Our datacenter provider rolled out some new code which we believe has unblocked the game – it should at least open without crashing. Please let me know if you still can not open the game.

There are still known lingering issues where people can not talk on chat, which we are attempting to address now.

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Further information on the incident:

  • Our provider rolled out new code at midnight pacific time.
  • We discovered the problem at 1am pacific time. By 2am we had figured out the source of the problem and had contacted our provider.
  • Our provider fixed the problem with their data center at 10:45am PDT
  • At this point, all ~600 players should have been able to get into the game but they continued to experience degraded service. The bug in our providers data center’s code caused our own servers to save some of the broken state into our own book keeping. Even though the original source was fixed, the book keeping was corrupted on out side. This caused Alliance Chat, Direct Messages and some battle connection problems for these ~600 players.
  • Our engineering team figured out a way to fix these accounts and started a job on our servers to fix it at 4pm and the job completed at 5pm pacific time.
  • After this time we do not expect any more problems related to this issue. If you are having problems related to this, please let us know.

We apologize for the 11 hours of service outage and 5 hours of degrade service. We believe we are taking the right steps to avoid this same problem happening again.

How we will avoid this problem in the server:

  • The root cause bug was something changed by the provider, but our app didn’t handle it gracefully. Our client engineering team has already updated our code to handle it when our provider sends us corrupted data so that the app doesn’t crash. This fix will go into our next app update.
  • Our server should not replicate and store corrupted data when our data provider sends it. This work is planned to happen for the next app update.
  • Our automated alerting system did not fire off to tell us when this happened - we became aware of it through this forum post at 1am (thank you very much @SolidWorkMan.). We will be spending some of our resources making this more robust.

Again: sorry to the 600 players impacted by this. We will be working to ensure our system is more robust.

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