Game Crash or Bug in Events

There’s been lot of occasions in Events lately, and had many others that had experienced the same. The game freezes and closes immediately. You log back in the game and the event ticket is UNUSED and the replay of that last game doesn’t exist.

Here’s the funny thing - This only happens when you’re about to win the match and his base is about below 10% from blowing up. Coincidence? NOT. If this is a game bug, then it should be happening anytime of game, but instead this will only happen when your opponent is about to go down.


Update: This issue happens anytime of game after playing few events. This started as of today since the new event started. It is possibly a bug?

Just had this bug. It happened while mech pilots combining. None of them died during the process though.

Didn’t lose a ticket but prevented me from getting rewarded for a game that I’d basically already won win so the impact is similar to a lost ticket. :slightly_frowning_face:

Closing this thread as a duplicate. We will update the other thread soon after the fix goes live.