Game-breaking Screen bug


While I was 2v2ing with one of my alliance members, we matched up and suddenly my screen was focused on the bottom left corner of the map. Can’t move or anything except deploying units blindly on what land is displayed to me or swiping units above what is displayed to deploy them outside of the image below. Please do fix this game breaking bug and I hope no one else encounters this type of situation again.image image


@SolidWorkMan Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve seen it reported occasionally from a some other players, but have been unsuccessful in reproducing the bug internally. Do you have some details of what might have occurred before running into this screen issue? Things to consider:

  • Backgrounding and bringing back the app
  • Rotating the device with or without rotation lock on
  • Pinching and zooming
  • What device are you on?
  • How often do you experience this?
  • Does the game look normal in the saved replay?

Thanks in advance!

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Before this occurred, me and my teammate were running 2v2 matches for probably 6-7 matches straight. Plus, I did not touch anything while we were waiting to be matched up against another set of players.

  1. There were no apps running in the background before and during the incident. Also, ‘Rotation lock’ was not in effect during the incident except ‘Battery saver’.

  2. During the incident, I tried zooming out and moving the screen, but nothing works except again, deploying units and other UI functions during a battle.

  3. I am on a iPhone 7 device, and this incident only occurred once. After the match, we tried again and the issue was no longer there.

  4. After looking at the replay, everything was normal from a spectator perspective. No issue with moving the screen. I’m assuming it happens randomly or perhaps prolonged period of time playing as again, I ran a dozen of matches after the incident and no issues were encountered.


Hmm, I am feeling a bit crazy now…

Watch this thread:



This bug happens to me too, and I have no apps running in background, my rotation screen is locked, I already have the screen zoomed out, and I’m running the game on an iPhone X, I experience this bug every time I start an event match then when I hop into 2v2 the bug carries on, and when I review the replay it literally shows what it showed when I was playing, and the only way I fix this bug is by rebooting the game, but again as I said the game runs smooth but when I start an event match this happens !!!


Oh yes, you’re definitely right. Looks like same as that other thread’s report.

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