Game breaking bug: Chat & Gameplay bugs


First of all, these bugs appeared AFTER the recent update. The bugs slowly appeared after a few matches or so forth.

  1. Chat bug:
    -The chat keeps forcing the screen to stay lock to the bottom of the chat when attempting to scroll up.
    -Plus, the history of the alliance chat before the update appears and disappears every time now.

  2. Gameplay bugs
    -Huge frame rate dips and stuttering during both gameplay, main menu, and alliance/global chat.
    -I talked to a handful amount of my alliance and they said they have the same problem on their end.

In addition to the gameplay bug, the app itself crashes whether the player is in game or in the main menu. I experienced this myself after the recent update and I’m guessing that it’s due to frame rate dips.


Thanks for reporting. I’m so very sorry this is happening. We’re also seeing this issues internally and will try to get to the bottom of what has happened.


Thanks for the reports @SolidWorkMan.

The Chat bug has been reported previously. I’m jotting down the issue number here for our reference (53857).

The framerate issues are a new one. we shall investigate.

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