Frustrating crash bug

So I just turned in a quest and the reward choices were freeze, 4800 coin, or an Eternal Warrior card. I have the warrior maxed out so I took the 4800 coin, the currently most precious commodity in the game.

After picking it I joined a 2v2 and got a pop up that an unexpected error occurred and the game reset and restarted. When I got back the coins were gone and the quest was no longer turned in. So I turned it in again and got 1000 gold as my best of 3 poor choices. I would be really upset if I needed that warrior card but as it is I want the coin back… I will submit a ticket as well but thought it was worth reporting the issue here on the forums.

That’s a crappy edge case; sorry about that Lyth. Thanks for sharing the issue. Hopefully it’s a quite uncommon problem, not that that’s much consolation since you experienced it, I’m sure.

I’ve had it happen a few other times but it had been a while since the last one.

I wonder why you’re getting restarted like that. We’re tracking it internally (60257) and will do our best to get it fixed as soon as time permits.

No clue nothing unusual seemed to happen other than the crash itself. Like I said it has been a while since it happened though if I recall at least one other time I had a legendary card reward. I’ve gotten legendary card rewards without crashing so it’s not as simple as that.

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