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So I check on the forums daily to see what people have posted and what some issues are. One of my questions is what is the best way to get back to the “home page” of the forums? I found to sign out and sign back in is faster then exiting and reentering but that still is a little odd to do. Is there a back button?
Another question is how would I get back to the alliance war page from the forums if I want to check that I stead of getting out and back in?

The web standard is to tap on the website icon in the upper-left corner. Does this suit your needs? You can also tap on the “hamburger” button in the top right to go to a different section of the forum.

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Ok thank you! And hamburger button?

It’s the three lines in the upper right (on mobile)

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Ok thx :joy:

Nice to know y’all on to answer a question but when I throw up a screenshot about my entire alliance getting shafted on the alliance quest for the third time in less than a week I get nothing.

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S7NotABot reached out to me very early this morning, and we’re trying to build a tool to make it easier for them to credit entire teams when team-wide mistakes like this happen. We will make the team whole, I promise. We just need a little more time. I’m sorry for the delay; it’s not something S7NotABot can do on their own though.

Thank you for your sincerity. I can tell many players appreciate your honesty and consideration when dealing with the player base


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