For those who are interested in how gauntlet prizes are decided/no T3 options to choose from

I received an email with this response:

“Thanks for writing in! While a 400 Coin reward for a 12-win Gauntlet is not common, it is not impossible. While some of the base rewards for Gauntlet are static (400 Coins for example), some amount of them are randomly rolled from a pool of equally valued rewards. For example, had all of those rolls been coins, up to 16k Coins could be gained from a 12W Gauntlet run. However, Luck did not appear to be on your side this time (in terms of Coins anyways).”

I think it’s quite insulting that 400 coins can be a prize for a 12-1 gauntlet run. Especially for those who have zero use for cards or “gold.”

I would like to see a base 10k for winning a gauntlet run and then it could go up from there. Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot it at the time because I wasn’t thinking I would end up writing a post about it. The pictures I did post show a gauntlet run that has zero T3 units to choose From. I found this to be odd. Why do these guys have such a strange way of using RNG. It’s something they should look into. Maybe coding a better generator is difficult? (Not sarcastic, maybe coding is very difficult) And also removing mech pilots from the pool or at least guarantee that enlist will be an option in those cases. I don’t understand why they are so adamant about proceeding in their way and not taking the customers ideas and wishes into consideration.

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I just got an avasa deck with no t3 too

Such garbage. You’re basically forced to Zerg rush

You have some pretty good options in this deck that I can see:

  • The Scouts and Pixies are great cheap openers. Scouts for splitting the lane for middle objective control, and Pixies to follow up if they don’t have anti-air.
  • Tech Lab to access your mimics, which you can use to create two Pilot mechs quickly.
  • Armor pack and Rally point the Drone Swarms for really hard to kill units to melt the barricade.
  • Could Manta, Chuckie, Skysweeper, and Storm Kestrel are all really good ways to bust down the barrier.

The Plasma Turrets kind of don’t make a lot of sense for this comp, but you can just not put them in.

Exactly what I did. I Zerg rushes with a similar deck you mentioned and didn’t do well because the Zerg decks are based a lot on Luck. But, this does make me excited to make a Zerg rush style deck with hive worm. I’m so very excited for this unit.


Here are some more screen shots of prizes for those who are interested. I wish I hadn’t bought so many packages, so I would have use for cards.

image image image

Having reached champion for the first time yesterday I was religiously plodding on with this game despite it becoming tedious trying to continue grinding given the lack of coins lately.

However, I think I’m now done with it after getting my first 12 win gauntlet and expecting amazing prizes only to be presented with this


When it takes 100,000 coins to upgrade 1 unit by 1 level when you get to the top end of the game, 360 coins for a 12-1 run that you pay to attempt is actually insulting.

I’ve spent in the region of £200-300 and countless hours over the last 4 months and now feel stupid when I think what I’d have got for that by comparison if I’d spent it on PS4 games or something.

This game has some really good ideas but the shamelessness of the money grabbing has finally got too much for me


Yup. I have plenty of gauntlet prize screenshots. I made a thread. Try to find it.

This 8 win is better than 12

Gauntlet drops up to 10 prizes or so. Each prize rolls from a random set. Sometimes, few of the prizes roll coins, sometimes a lot of prizes are coins. Some players have been collecting data on this player-operated discord server that you might want to check out:

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get a lot of coins (lucky if what you want is coins!) and sometimes you’ll get more cards/etc. instead.

It there’s a point that the coins floor and ceiling need to be adjusted for each win. I don’t need anything but coins and gettting 400 coins for 12 wins is just bad design. Also consider more gems as a prize with higher lvls. Hearthstone does this with their gauntlet. Why not you guys?

Right now, Gauntlet is a fun mode but if you’re playing it only to earn coins then I don’t think you’ll be satisfied. Sometimes you’ll get lucky, but over the long haul I think you’ll find it’s not a very effective way to gain coins. Not every mode in the game is geared towards the same kinds of prizes. Since earning coins is your primary goal, I think you’ll have better results if you focus on other game modes (events and ranked play).

See my post in general discussion about quests for high lvl players as well as alliance tokens. @S7Dave

4,000 alliance tokens. More like 4,000 in useless tokens.

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