For those curious about the next season

Emailed the devs and this was their response. My guess is no new season.

Pretty much the same response that I received. Guess they are working on their next game for when they shut this one down.

Maybe the owners shut down S7 and start a new front to experiment on gamers with.

Yep the same message I got.

The entire development team, user experience team and anyone else associated with upgrades was disbanded at the end of Jan.
it’s only on life support now to fix urgent bugs. (Devs were extended by a few weeks to fix the bugs in the last small upgrade)
Discussions are whether to 1) kill the game altogether 2) let it run itself into the ground or 3) shop it around so someone else buys it. No devs are working on this game now which is a shame.
Everyone knows they destroyed the game when they moved away from ELO matchups.
The question now is what to do next.
I hope they rebrand and put life back into the game as it has so much potential. The basics are there. They just need to actually work with the players.

And make changes to build back the community of the game, which in turn means people spend $$$ and the game lives on

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I’d be happy with a season rewarding jus Season 1/2 Legendary’s, Dust bundles and CO1NS!?!

@Kablammo1 do you have proof of this? I don’t think it is good to spread rumors like this without anything to back up where you got this info


The proof is in the pudding.
There is a hack job on pulling tokens from the war, ur not the daily quest and no new season. U do the math

So you inferenced that everyone Was disbanded and the devs were a couple weeks later? Really? Quit that. If it’s an opinion don’t make it sound factual.


Find the best restore point and go from there to rebuild.

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Yeah that was an absurdly specific post just to be bald conjecture.


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