[Fixed] Mech Pilots + Boom Event causing connection issues

I have now disconnected 4 times during the event. Right as insecure victory, I am kicked off the sever. I don’t lose tickets (not sure about medals haven’t checked), but it’s very frustrating that my win didn’t go towards a win either. I have screen shots of me loading the game right after disconnection for time stamp purposes. 6:28, 6:35, 7:20, 8:30 PST

EDIT by S7Dave: updated title to reflect the cause

Ah, I was about to report the same thing. They were about to die from overtime, I played two mech pilots and the game crashed. I didn’t lose a ticket nor did it appear in my replays.

Had the same thing happen. I was winning before the d/c, then I got hooked up against a much tougher opponent and destroyed on the second try. Love it.

I’m having the same issue. List 2 event tickets. WTF.

I’ve had it happen twice this event, but it appeared to be a full app crash. :sweat:

So, it worked in my favor this time. I was going to lose, played two mech pilots, game crashed and I didn’t lose a ticket nor was a replay saved.

So it seems it crashes if you play mech pilots, who then try to transform into big mech, but die while doing so.

Just had this bug. It happened while mech pilots combining. None of them died during the process though.

Didn’t lose a ticket but prevented me from getting rewarded for a game that I’d basically already won win so the impact is similar to a lost ticket.

We will be pushing a hot fix for this shortly (testing it now). If you were affected, please send us a support ticket so we can get your account credited. Thanks for your patience while we get the hot fix out!

This fix is now Live in Live Update 278.

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