Fix the swarm missiles

Can’t progress the campaign because the seeker missiles don’t fire properly, half the time not at all and the rest just one rocket. The card says fire three rockets but so I’m confused.


@Mightymouse We’ve seen a few reports of this in the past few days as well. Seeker Missiles is an area-targeted Tactic card. After dragging the targeting circle over a group of targets, crosshairs should appear over up to a maximum of three affected targets, and after a delay, damage will be done to them. Are you seeing something different?

The middles launch, then disappear in mid air hitting no one


No I’m seeing it like it should work, but nothing comes out when the card is played


Yeah mines do the same thing, i target a group of enemies then the missile launches up like it’s gonna work then just disappears, i can’t pass the mission so now campaign is useless to me


Mine is malfunctioning as well. The missile will launch, appear to target the hero, and then disappear.


The tiny missile and crosshairs appear above Rox but then nothing happens

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Sometimes, after 3 or 4 missiles spend on the same target, it dies. But no missiles are seen (heart attack?) and you got without cards to win the round. My campaign is paralyzed there.

Hi. We’re having trouble reproducing this issue internally. Can you plz make a video using the iOS tray’s recording option? It would help us fix this much faster.

(note to self reference 59486)

Why not upload videos to YouTube and linking them here as a way to show videos?

We found and fixed a few of the underlying issues that’s causing this in the next update. If it keeps happening after v2.30 though, please let us know!

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