Fix the Dang overtime!

Seriously, it’s a chess game that blows up before I get to checkmate. I continuously lose even though I out play my opponents. Reg battles are one thing but event matches are devastating. The way cards are dealt dictates how you play. Many times you have to let the other player get the advantage in order to win at the end but since overtime kicks in so quick and drains the base so fast that even though I’ve out played my opponent ( check, counter, check, counter) and I have 20 guys at there base now when they have nothing, my base blows up suddenly because I had to let them take out my shields early. Very very lame. Especially when playing opponents of significantly higher level than you. Strategy is everything then and you usually have to cut in pretty close to beat them. Sucks when your strategy works and overtime kills your base. Please please please change. At least wait a while to start the overtime or something.


I agree and disagree with this. With overtime and the time limit as it is, the games usually bare 5 minutes (including wait time, load time, gameplay) and this is a good amount of time to balance with other life’s demands etc. But, without overtime. There could be times where nothing is happening for extra minutes. And I’ve heard that this is how stalemates occur.


I don’t think he is asking to allow stalemates but I do agree that when you have 10 units baring down on the base and the opponent has nothing left it’s frustrating as anything to lose to a timer.

I have had the annoyance of getting a perfect draw with my opponent with both of us same base level but we were even and never touched the others barricade. My last troop was a pain cloud that took out this persons units. This was a while ago and I don’t remember who it was but I lost and he won. I went over the replay multiple times and made sure that absolutely no damage was done. Not really fair to lose medals. I get not gaining any but losing them is annoying

In the case of a perfect draw, neither side won and so we don’t give either side a victory, as far as I can remember. Maybe having it not do anything would be better, but that’s a bigger technical hurdle and (fwiw) not a common case.

We don’t have any plans to change overtime right now. You might think of this like blitz chess – while a strong board position is important, it doesn’t matter if you run out of time.

I think of overtime when building my decks – if I can’t reliably win before overtime kills my base, then I try to change my strategy. Part of the strategy of the game is the existence of overtime – if we didn’t have it, then your opponent may have played a very different deck (and still won) too! That said, I’ve definitely experienced the same feeling of frustration when my board position is so strong but I lose as overtime ticks down to my death. I’m not sure that’s a feeling we can eliminate without ballooning match durations too unacceptably long times.

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