Fix level of card decks bug

devs pls fix the levels of cards like reapers and typhoon. because they dont match the level of my card when im playing them . i have a lvl 16 reaper but its shows in a match that i only have lvl14 :crazy_face: and my typhoons are maxed but when im playing them on field guess what its only lvl15โ€ฆ pls fix it asap its frustrating to play ur cards that u k kw u got them upgraded but when u put em in field uli didnt get the lvl of the cards that i have. thanks devs in advanceโ€‹:ok_hand::+1:

Hi @๐“ค๐“๐“ž. May I ask which mode youโ€™re playing? Are you playing events, 2v2, campaign or multiplayer arena? If itโ€™s multiplayer arena โ€”- which arena is it? Itโ€™s the one with A maximum level 14 cards?

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Its in mount nova in multuplayer reapers is lvl 16 but when i put it on the field it only shows lvl14 same with typhoonโ€ฆ And same with the events witg reaper and typhoon in the deck. Thats the firsy time i noticed it. Hope u can fix this issue thanks๐Ÿ™‚

Hi @๐“ค๐“๐“ž.

Mount Nova arena has a Max Card level of 14. This means that any cards above that will be โ€œsquashed downโ€ to 14. If you play the Rocket Range arena, the max card level is 16 โ€“ youโ€™ll see these cards with that level if you play there.


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oh didnt know that lol thanks devs and keep up the good workโ€‹:ok_hand::+1:

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