First win of the day

Is anyone else not receiving their first win booster? It is highlighted when it’s ready, but then when I get my first multiplayer win, I don’t get the bonus

I get the XP bonus but I haven’t been getting the extra gold that we are supposed to get.

Yep exactly. I’m getting the XP which is useless to me because I’m maxed. I need the coins, but I haven’t seen them once

I thought I noticed that too

I’m glad I’m not the only one lol

Where are the devs?! They haven’t responded to a single post. I know, I know, create a ticket on zendesk, but since you know this is where people prefer to post, maybe you guys should pay more attention to the forum.

Hello folks! We’re back from a long weekend and looking at everything now! I don’t have experience with this feature and I’ve ticketed it internally for the team.

Thank you for your help in making Wild Beyond better!

I believe this is a display issue - if you check your coin balance carefully before and after, you’ll see you do receive the coins! We are fixing the display issue in the next update so that you will be able to see what is happening much more clearly. Thanks for reporting!

Nope, not a display issue. I have checked the coins before and after and I am not receiving them.

I’ll have a look, thanks for letting us know!

Hey PHNEWALLETKEYS, I messaged you with the exact details, but it appears you did get the coins from the first win bonus. Please do keep letting us know as you run into issues, it helps us make the game better!

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Thank you! I responded to your message. Thank you so much for taking the time to check into this for me!

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