First Try With Reaper - Walking justBut No Guns


I’d reference a playback for you if I could but it also appears replays have gone down after the update. Just played a 2v2 match and got my first chance to try the Reaper and it wasn’t good. I dropped it next to an enemy Lightning Walker and Reaper and it walked towards them and then just walked in place. No guns. The enemy Reaper appeared to be doing the same.


Thanks for the report @Fellixe. We’re trying to reproduce the issue on our end. Can you tell if damage is being done? It could just be the animation that’s the issue.

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Looks like it might be a problem with the way its model interacts with other bulky units around it, and its short range. We’re looking into this now.

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Ok. Couldn’t remember any damage getting done.


Looks like this is primarily an animation issue at the moment. We’re working on fixing some of the other problematic animation issues before releasing those fixes together. In the meantime, I’m really sorry that this looks confusing! The Reaper should still be doing its damage (while doing the running man).

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Cool. Maybe I’m just expecting to see more damage than that. It’s an adjustment playing with cards all around level 11-12 and then dropping a new level 4 card on the field, I’m finding. The Herald is pretty deadly right out of the gate so I’ve leveled it up quickly but at the expense of having an entry-level Reaper for now.


Definitely. I think the Herald’s level difference might not be as noticeable because the Scouts it grants are very good fodder for absorbing single attacks from 1-to-Infinity damage. The Reaper, on the other hand, is much more reliant on its own stats to make a big impact. Once you get it leveled up though, it vaporizes big groups of units quite handily.

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