Finding other players

How come I can’t find other players. I guess some are bots but this player didn’t have random emojis and didn’t play like a bot… top player.

This is likely the reason

The question being asked isn’t about matching, it’s why are we not able to find certain players or alliances by searching for them.

It makes it seem as if they must be nonexistent alliances and therefore bots is we arent able to find them. Is there some way of searching available to us in order to search for alliances other than scrolling thru the list or going to “JOIN” and searching for an alliance name?


Exactly Steiny. @S7campusLifer I search by there alliance but can’t locate them. Lots and lots of players. They can’t all be bots. Why can’t we just get a “see player profile” next to them in our match history?

Please check out the thread I linked. When the “boosting” system is applied, instead of showing the normal player name & alliance name, it applies random anonymized names.

Got it. Why do that though? What’s the reason for the need for anonymity?

Because the tradeoff then is that you’re playing against personX, and the cards it shows they own are different from what they believe them to be.

What’s the advantage of showing their names?

I was just thinking that I could contact good players and invite them to my alliance. Also I like knowing who I’m playing against.


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I challenge you to think of reasons to show names. I can think of at least 4 good ones off the top of my head . . .

To be clear, this is the reason we do not show the names. We would rather people think they are playing “bots” than to create this confusion.

To again dispel any implication that we have created this system for some sort of nefarious reason:

  • This system was created so players at the top end could get matches where both sides have a reasonable chance of winning without waiting for 10min+
  • That’s it.
  • When we didn’t have this system, or have briefly turned off this system, top players had unacceptable wait times for matches. Everyone hated it. We’re not going back to that.
  • There is nothing in this system to try to make top players lose more – if anything, the player on the higher end has consistently had much higher winrates with these matches than without them. If you’d like, I’d be happy to run the numbers on this for you.
  • There’s pages of notes on this topic in the linked thread.

Damn challenge rejected :sob:

I guess I’ll start then. Here’s a couple:

Back when there was a competitive aspect to this game I would memorize deck makeups and play style of the opponents I would regularly see. I was more likely to lose to a fake name random player or real player I happened to rarely play with decks I wasn’t expecting doing unexpected things than I was to a real name player that I fought regularly. Part of any competition is being able to read your opponent and fake names ruins that ruining competition.

This is now a non issue as ranked (which implies competition) no longer exists in this game. Ranked is where you mindlessly play a few games to get your daily coins and events is primarily who has bought the most card upgrades across decks and who is lucky with the featured units and diamond spending within their brackets.

Ironically I have less qualms with events as the bracket system while not perfect is generally fair (well fair if you consider having a little featured unit luck and outspending and slightly outplaying others in your bracket fair) and find it sad that y’all have decided to remove any aspect of competition completely out of this game.

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I didn’t start this thread to exposes some conspiracy or point fingers at S7 for “hiding” names. Just was curious who I was playing against. Didn’t mean to cause a kerfuffle.

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