Financially Cut Off

That was the last of it, S7.

You’ve officially ruined a good thing. With the new update, cutting out 2v2, and consistently disgregarding the player base’s requests and suggestions; I’m done.

I refuse to spend another dime to support someone who has no interest in working with the customer. It won’t be long before I quit.

I think I’ll go edit my review of WB in the App Store. Maybe some newbie will change their mind about trying this game.

I suggest others leave reviews as well. Clearly they’re more concerned with gaining more players than keeping the ones already here who have literally paid their paychecks.



These changes aren’t going to gain them more players.


We might want to wait and see the « bride » before blaming her already…

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2v2 is just for fun now? No thank you!

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This seems premature. We haven’t even test driven the changes yet. How about if we try it and see how it works, then level our criticism? I’m frankly impressed that S7 listened to our complaints and acted on them. Remember this is a starting point for a new system. I’m sure they will tweak things as we go based on player feedback.

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It all well and good to say let’s see it in action first but there are MANY players who play this game for 2v2 and while they are not getting rid of it, they are invalidating it’s use by removing all reward from it. It is not ok to start a new system which essentially eliminates half the game play. Personally I not only think it’s reasonable to comment on it and inform the devs what we think before it goes into play, I feel it’s essential.


Bump - how are you all feeling now?:thinking:

Me or them?

Both times I’ve posted reviews in the App Store they have been deleted by S7 according to Apple. But I agree, my spending days on this crap are officially over. Sucks for them.

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I still hate it honestly. The only mode I play is the event’s, and that will stop after I run out of diamonds. I don’t see myself continuing to play this game after that happens. Arenas are pointless, gauntlet is gone, 2v2 is pointless…the whole game is boring and not worth my time anymore. I used to play this game all day, and now I only log on to complete raid and play the events. The game is dying a sad death


Wait… what, they can do that that’s bs

If they can really remove reviews from the App Store, then they could be “Blizzard Entertainment” #2.

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Do you know how they were able to get your reviews removed? I’m an App Store developer. I know you can’t get a review removed unless it is untruthful.

To be clear, we have not removed anyone’s Apple AppStore reviews.

We’ve never tried to do it, so I don’t know about how possible/impossible it is to do. I am not aware of any way to do it.

I’m not sure why someone is saying we have done this. We have not.

Well I have not made that statement but I can tell you I tried to leave a review and it just disappeared.

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Both of my reviews were unfavorable to the game and to S7. One star, with multiple paragraphs explaining my reason for one star. Both of them are gone. When I asked Apple why my reviews along with others have disappeared, I was literally told they were deleted by the company, not Apple. Even if there were no deleting of reviews, why have so many negative ones gone missing? Seems pretty suspicious to me…and then there’s what Apple said.

Btw I’m not the only one that has received this explanation from Apple

No I don’t know. They just told me that it wasn’t Apple, it was the company. That’s all I know

Any chance in uploading photos of that conversation here? Just for concrete evidence

I spent an hour searching for the email last night and of course I can’t find it. Figures.