Final note to the devs

Hi Devs,

Thanks for the awesome time that you have provided over the last few months. Since I’m pretty much a retired old man in the midst of passing the baton to my amazing Alliance Mates, I want to leave you one final note.

You have something great, please don’t let it fizzle away into nothingness.

  1. The coin problem, fix it.
  2. Alliance Wars, this uninspiring edition is a quick name slab, the people want something real, new, and fun… at least make it super rewarding so it’s worth the effort.
  3. Rewards, find balance and make more things more accessible to FTP players.
  4. Be responsive and transparent, silence is never good when being attacked unless you are working on something that will shut them all up. If not, own it, and work on it, and be transparent while working on it. I still play Battlefield 5 because devs own their poop and work to make it into something good.
    5.LISTEN TO YOUR *]%]#]^}} ahem… please listen to you player base. It they are all complaining about the same thing, chances are it’s a valid issue that needs attention.

We know you can’t do it all, but refusing to do simple things is just unacceptable.

I’ve seen mobile giants fall countless times, and I’ve seen amazing games never make it to top 100 grossing. The reasons are usually the same - they fail to listen to the players. We play your game more than you ever will, remember that.


Well spoken! They did not even feel the need to give out some compensation for all the bugs and secret coin nerfs.

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