Final event

I love the idea… but would have been nice to see the legendary units I didn’t unlock at least be the same level as my lowest card in the deck. This lvl1 crap makes me completely useless this event since 6 of my cards are lvl 1. I’m sure there are similar feelings about this since only the big spenders have that all unlocked and leveled up and since my commanders are level 13-15 all my opponents al area are op impaired to mine and everyone I’ve fought so far has all three legendary cards leveled above 13. Which wouldn’t even be an issue if 6 of my cards weren’t stuck at lvl 1

I get what you’re saying, but as I’ve got two solid ones, it’s working well for me :grinning:

I dunno… Is it fair to the people who spent the season tokens to unlock level 12-13 legendaries that everyone else should automatically get level 12 legendaries to compete against them ? :woman_shrugging::thinking:

I think the point is that very few people are probably going to be able to earn enough season tokens to bring all of the legendaries up to a competitive level without either spending a significant amount of money or being fortunate enough to be in the most active alliances. The system also seems to favor longer term players significantly.

I’d actually be interesting if you’d provide a breakdown of player percentages who have been able to max out, or even unlock, legendaries from all three factions. I know I personally had to choose to focus on Rogue, and i won’t really even end the season with any of the purple cards for the other two factions, let alone the legendaries.

It’s not that there’s a gap, it’s how wide that gap becomes, and how disadvantaged that gap makes you in events when you choose more than one featured card that I haven’t been able to unlock.

Woohoo. Good for you…

The counter argument here isn’t about the leveling itself, it’s “is it fair of the game to force us to play with level 1 cards when we may have plenty of other viable cards we could be playing with” - i.e. the “featured cards” aspect, not the leveling. I’d happily lose to a player with level 13 spectres if it’s a fair fight and I’m allowed not to be forced to play with level 1 spectres in my deck.

Maybe a good alternative might be to rethink what “featuring” a card means? Give players who use the featured cards a bonus award (5% increased tokens or coins or whatever) for winning with those cards in their deck. Or perhaps a one level level boost for using those cards in that particular event.

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Why even have a game mode / mechanic where players are FORCED to use cards they don’t have, forcing them to fill their deck with useless feel bad level 1 cards? What kind of developer forces such a blatant horrid handicap on their players? Hearthstone doesn’t, Clash Royale doesn’t, any game you could name doesn’t force players to use level 1 of any of your cards in their events or otherwise.

What kind of experience are you even trying to provide with forcing that? I’ll tell you what my guess is, you’re going for the “feels so bad you’re bad forced to spend money or give up” experience.

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Well they’re certainly ‘winning’ for the give up crowd. They’ve converted me…to give up, that is.