Fighting boss solo?

Is it no longer possible to fight the boss solo? Ridiculous. Waited five minutes and nothing, The ability to search for more active alliances is useless.


What about min card requirements on Boss. I was Lvl 14 Boss, and can’t start Level 15 because my deck isn’t strong enough with the new update, but I did levels 1-14 solo.

I hate this change as well

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Details in the release notes announcement:


Weak. All this will do is encourage Alliance jumping, This change is a fail.

The recommended Alliances are horrible as well.


But I and my alliance can fight the Boss, but I can’t start it because I don’t have a 20,000 power deck. Can’t we have recommended deck power like the campaign? Why limit who can play?

Hi @RomKnight. The bosses are actually very different than they were in v2.22. The level 14/15 boss is very different than the one you were fighting before the update. They are significantly harder to defeat, but pay out way more Gold. Please give it a spin next week when it resets to level 1 and let me know if you still think the “minimum deck power” requirements are out of whack.

It is out…of…whack.

Yet we still need to fight in the Boss Blitz but cannot do it solo. Epic fail.

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This makes no sense, though imho. Why fix something that wasn’t a problem and force people into a paired battle? If you’re comfortable in a smaller (e.g. family member) not-quite-as-active alliance playing recreationally, why be penalized and advocate so strongly for folks to abandon those alliances??

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This is the worst change you guys have ever made to the game. You’ve completely ruined boss blitz. All you really needed to do was make the bosses harder at the highest level because that was the only issue. That’s it. You guys found a dumb solution to a problem that didn’t exist. Needing a partner for level one is so stupid it hurts.

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We’re reading all feedback on this and also looking at all the information we have about usage of the boss blitz feature in aggregate. We will be integrating it into our path forward with the boss blitz feature.

It is out of Whack but I can’t really tell because I easily defeated level 11 and can’t join any higher. So first as solo I could keep fighting and try. now it requires two to tango and stops us with a minimum deck required, not recommended. How does anyone know if it’s too hard if they can’t try?

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