Fight in event giving zero medals

I ran several event fights with a short losing streak then came up against Fox from Royal Guard. He was playing a level 17 Roxie and I beat him and then got zero medals. I don’t know what in your algorithm generates that but considering I paid gems for the tickets to fight and even losses are giving me 14 or 15 medals this was ridiculous. I don’t care if he has a 0 win 100 loss record I shouldn’t get zero medals, the fight was a normal sort of fight not one where I just destroyed him.

They really don’t like giving you your medals

When the post-match screen shows 0 medals it’s because your app didn’t get the message from the server to display the correct amount in time due to network conditions or other factors. If you look at your medal count a little later (usually seconds if you leave and come back), it will have updated correctly.

Unfortunately I don’t watch my medal count from match to match.

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