[Feedback Requested] Alliance Home Screen (w/ poll)

Hey commanders! We’re currently working on a new iteration of Alliance quests and the Alliance Home screen. We’re looking to get your feedback on the Alliance Homescreen, especially around the usefulness of seeing chat on the home screen versus using the main chat menu.


What versions of chat do you use

  • I use the fullscreen chat menu
  • I use Alliance Home screen to read chat
  • I use the bottom bar to read chat

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Between “seeing chat on the Alliance Homescreen” vs “more information about Alliance Quests” which would you prefer

  • Alliance Chat
  • More information about Alliance Quests

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If you have any other feedback or suggestions around the Alliance Home, let us know in this thread!

Take some advice from South Park phone destroyer in how they set up their clan system, this games awesome but needs more depth

Also no character limit. It’s annoying having to post three messages to say one thing

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Thanks for the feedback and appreciate the game suggestion! Increasing the character count is currently on our list!


I’m personally not feeling like I need to see more information on alliance quests and certainly don’t want chat to become less accessible. But I do have one suggestion to improve alliance engagement in quests. Progressive rewards. Getting the same rewards for x number of wins that you do for x,000 wins later in the week makes it seem like a fight not worth having to complete the 5th level of each quest. Give maybe 10 alliance tokens for tier one of a quest and ramp it up to a few hundred or a thousand tokens for tier five and alliance members will get more excited about finishing all five tiers weekly. It would be a thing for alliances to get pumped about.

Another angle that SWFA used was a weekly package of rewards for quest completion that improved based on how much was completed. Maybe a basic chest each if the alliance finishes tier one of each quest and up to a big chest each if all three quests are finished through all five tiers.

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Including the alliance motto and title. It’s annoying that you can’t put Discord links nor putting the whole information that describes the alliance as well.

I’d like the alliance home screen to have a bulletin board where leaders and officers can post announcements and things all alliance members can see, maybe advice or news, to get them hyped and motivated. The message boards only show the latest messages, so a lot of details get lost. The replays could be in a separate section to not clog up chat too. I also agree the character limit is annoying at times.

Thank you for all the feedback! Definitely character counts and more alliance communication tools are on our list of future improvements.

We’re also looking at changing how alliance quests work in order to giving more rewards for higher levels of completion/participation.


Excellent! Thanks for listening!

Thanks for all the feedback again! I closed the polls so you can see the results.

I’m personally leaning towards removing the chat from alliance home (since you have to access them from chat anyways) and using the space for other things. I also have some long-term plans around introducing alliance message of the day and other communication tools for alliance leadership.

Please let me know if there’s any other suggestions!

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Yes, certainly put that space to better use. Can”t wait to see changes to the interface. Is it possible to make the chat; a toggle icon that expands when you open it to display and hide it?? Also would really like to see a very basic command chat for in-game someday. Just simple phrases to get message across to partner for strategy in 2 v2.

  1. Hold back
  2. Rush
  3. Get Tier up.
  4. Get Energy up
  5. Attack top/ bottom lane etc.
  6. preparing to warp
  7. commander ready to deploy
  8. don’t forget the pizza lol

Just be super useful since every battle plays out different and give us more control of commanding our attacks to team.

Thank you games fantastic and recommend it to all my bros.

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I’ll second this idea. I love being able to communicate with teammates so we don’t double up on stuff needlessly. Also, in addition to the list above, maybe one that says “I can’t deal with that threat,” or something like that.

Separate the donations request from the chat…request get pushed up and go unseen

@BLAZ3DASPLIFF ank you for the well thought out response. You have great intuition. A better way to communicate in 2v2 is something that is on our list to look at!

@ElOhssa Yes! We are currently on working on that.

Thanks WildB Team for embracing this concept and honoured by the response. I believe this communicative function will evolve team strategy as we know it. Look forward so I”m getting ready!!!

Tier up player 2, cuz the WILD BEYOND is about to about to go beyond WILD!!

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Is there any way to patch the chat allowing the ability to select an alliance and message the group as a whole or ally up??? So we can link bro/sister ally clans. This would be EPIC combined with with the in-game communication system for a ultimate team experience.

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Thanks for continuing to give feedback and suggestions!

This is actually an intriguing idea. I’m not sure how difficult this would be, but I added it to a list of ideas in our backlog to consider for future chat improvements!

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Simply an option to accept a clan chat request exclusive to the Leader, located within the alliance info management with icon under the applications. The player is then added to an Ally List and the player receives a clan list to choose from to communicate and team up with.

I think would total be the perfect way to link the Wild Beyond community.


Thanks for the additional thinking around this. It’s not quite as simple as you put as we currently would need to build an ally system as well as additional UI to support all of this.

Inter-alliance chat is a great idea, we’re currently focusing our efforts on building up better communication within alliances.

Appreciate how you care about building up big relationships in Wild Beyond. We definitely want this too.

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