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@S7campusLifer In the past you referred to tickets/posts being submitted by players complaining about the game being the main reason you did away with the ranked system, among other things. Now that a decent amount of time has passed since the major changes, would you be able to give us some information (preferably in detail) towards the number of complaints you’ve received about people wanting it back (along with other complaints about the new system) vs the number of complaints that motivated the initial decision for change please? It might provide some clarity and insight.

Additionally do you ever plan on making the 2v2 arena functional outside of alliances? It seems quite odd that I can ONLY play 2v2 arena within my alliance when I have friends across several alliances.

Thanks in advance for taking this question seriously.


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From February until October, the most common complaint we would receive is “why did I press the battle button and play against someone who’s cards were way higher than mine.” If I dig around from that time period, I’m sure I find very plaintive messages from most people on this forum begging us to do something about it. Aside from complaints in customer support and in this forum we had other indicators that this was a problem. In that period, we also interviewed a number of people who had quit playing the game and many of them said getting paired with someone with drastically higher cards was their primary reason for quitting the game. When we ran queries on our database, we could also show that people who experienced many matches against cards of a higher level were drastically more likely to have quit the game after 30 days of play.

In the past complaints about this used to be something like half of the messages we received a day. We no longer receive any complaints about this problem unless they’re complaining about it in events — because we haven’t changed it yet. We hope to in the future.

You can still play 2v2 with non alliance members though the chat menu.

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@S7campusLifer thank you for your response. I might not have phrased my question correctly. I was asking for a comparison to the number of complaints you get now wanting the old system And ranked matches back. - Do the initial complaints truly outnumber the complaints about the changes?

For 2v2: yes we can 2v2 outside of alliance, but it is a practice match, usually against bots. Is there really no way to make an “arena 2v2 inv” tab on people’s chat boxes for friends?

Last, as far as arenas go, any chance you would please reinstate a fixed medal rate per win? It’s a bit off that the system encourages players lower than the arena to play in it for higher rewards. Level 50 decks in the level 50 arena are consistently being matched with level 40 decks because the lvl 40s want that little extra coin per win. Whereas the level 50s are also trying to earn medals to get a start. This makes it so the level 50s are usually getting 1-4 medals per win. It was the same with the old ranked system, which was out of our control. But now that players can choose which arena they are playing, I strongly believe medals rewards should be fixed.

Fox be careful with this question, the answer might not be meaningful. A lot of players have quit over the updates so the prior complaints may outnumber the current ones just on the basis of the game population.

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