Feedback from WB team from my email. Keeping the community informed!

Here is what I originally wrote

“ Hi there it’s me again. I am curious if you guys have plans to compensate players who spent gems during events that were impossible to come in first because of bugs. I came in first the last 4 events since you’ve squashed the bug, but I would like to be compensated for those lost gems that I was pouring into your game in hopes that I would have some matches that were not giving me 5 medals per win. And also, I was curious if you were going to compensate for the season tokens that have been lost due to bugs as well as when I transferred guilds I was not able to collect that day from either guild.

I just want to know your position on compensating your customers when the game is not working as intended and we pay for a game that is supposed to be working as intended. Now, I understand if this happened once in a while, there wouldn’t be a need for compensation, but this has been an ongoing issue for weeks now and people are quitting because you are not being straightforward and honest about your business model and position. I honestly could care less what model you are using as long as you are transparent about it and hopefully compensate players like me who have spent a lot of money that I worked hard for as a server to fuel my entertainment with this game. So, will you guys be compensating the customers? Please do it gloss over this email. Just be straight up with me and I’m happy to receive any feedback you have even if it’s not what I want to hear. Thank you!!”

And here is the response.

“The team is still resolving issues over Alliance Quest rewards, but it is intentional that leaving an Alliance will not allow you to collect that Alliance’s daily reward in your new Alliance in order to prevent people from collecting additional rewards for Alliance-hopping. You will have to have collected your daily quest reward before deciding to change Alliances.

The team is still deliberating on compensation for v2.30 update game issues. Due to available resources, this will likely be a global gift and not tailored to each individual player. Unfortunately, I"m not able to give more details than this.


PX Specialist, Wild Beyond”

I responded with.

“Totally understandable you cannot give out more information than this, I really appreciate the reply as do many of us. I think you guys are doing a phenomenal improvement in your customer relations department so keep it up!”

They are making improvements guys, let’s keep giving them positive feedback, as it seems to motivate them in a positive way.


Totally agree jed sometimes the frustrations can blind us of what they’re actually doing to keep players playing and enjoying this game. We know it ain’t easy devs keep polishing this gem!

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