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Hi, started playing today, I enjoy this game so much, but:

It would be alright if the upgrading times were faster. 3 hours for a normal unit is too long, it would e great if it was 2 times faster or something.

There is a bug with shadowblades. Enemy units sometimes doesnt attack him even if he appears. He can just push lane till killed with a spell.

Sorry for my English :wink:


Your English is just fine! I totally understand. We’re working on pinning down what’s causing Shadowblades to become un-targetable and will try to hotfix it ASAP. I’ll let the team know that early unit upgrade times feel a little too lengthy to see if those need adjusting. Thanks for reporting the issue with Shadowblades!


I agree upgrading times are too long. Honestly I would’ve stopped playing this game a long time ago if I hasn’t joined elite and gotten instant upgrades because of being too behind compared to other players.

Also there’s already a bottleneck anyway of having to wait for more silver coins as upgrading can get costly, so most of the time I’m only upgrading one unit every few hours anyway.

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