Features players want

I am making this thread so there is organization to all of the ideas the player base has.(@S7Dave if you could pin this it would be great). Post your ideas for the game here. We have a lot of ideas which are all great but we have quite a bit. The devs are trying to please each and everyone of us but if we bombard them with ideas that we “demand” no bugs/glitches/problems that need to be fixed ever will be. Again please post ideas here so they can see if there are actual problems instead of a bunch of posts saying “we need this” or “please add this”.

Please allow the ability to get the cards from the previous season.
Please give an extra ticket for each win in season events, like a credit in an arcade, if you are winning, you keep playing. A streak bonus may also be good, and defeating opponents with higher power should give a bonus as well.
Please allow cards that are attained in excess of max level be converted to coins - it’s rediculous, especially when you’re forced to obtain a card in a season token exchange tree that you already have maxed out.
Please add a ladder match system where the winning team is rewarded based on performance like gauntlet.

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Gauntlet could be like the recruiting expedition, in that you can choose from 3 rewards for each of the non static rewards. At least, it would be nice for the higher wins of gauntlet. Or perhaps have season 1 cards be the reward for high wins.

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Here are a few fun ideas Ive been thinking about lately.

  1. Reopen campaign mode. We don’t need any new worlds to enjoy (yet! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but if it was accessible to the players who have already completed all campaign missions then players could farm coins (or other items) maybe 1-3 times per level per day… or per week… depending on the coin reward.

  2. Instead of coin- maybe give gold as an item.

-if gold is used as a farmable reward though I would suggest maybe broadening the accessibility to items that can be obtained using gold; perhaps season 1 cards, more coin options, skins, etc.

  • I have seen this idea of broadening the player-bases accessibility to items that can be purchased using gold and/or excess cards. Maybe this is a way to tie that idea into a farming structure that can give players the chance to keep entering battles without affecting their rank and would put their time and energy into useful needed items without completely disrupting the coin economy in the game.

Another interesting idea that would provide more fair gameplay in events:

  1. I think since featured units in events can be used even if you don’t have the unit unlocked is a fun way to test out the new season units… and to make that an even better feature I think it would be fun and beneficial if all of the commanders were unlocked and could only be used in season events.

Ahhh… but what level would they be… well… I’m glad you asked:
The “featured” commander could be the same level as their team counterpart (ie ascension or rogue). This would eliminate the unfair advantage that some commanders have (like Val) in these season events while at the same time providing players an incentive to grind and play more to unlock the commanders that they like using during events.

Not sure if I articulated these well enough. If anyone has any questions or just wanna shoot some ideas around let me know. I’ve given a fair amount of thought to these and they seem good to me, but I’m no professional so for all I know it’s impossible to code lol


My top priority at the moment would be a way to get cards from past season. It would also be nice for newer players, which would be at a huge disadvantage compared to someone who has been playing for longer (not to mention events).

Some kind of single player or coop mode would be nice. This could coincide with a rework of the boss battle, which at the moment is extremely boring.
Suggestion for Boss Battle: it could be a periodic event which goes on for some day (like 4 to 5 days for example). The more you beat the boss, the more it levels up (until his unit are maxed). Every time you and your guildmates beat the boss you gain a small amount of points. Then there could be a tier system for rewards, where every tier corresponds to a given amount of points and is associated with some kind of reward, which grows as you reach higher tiers.
It could be something like a monthly event.

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Definitely very top of mind. Discussion here and here.

Yes – eventually! More here.

Can you tell me more about your idea?

Interesting idea – I was wondering what you wanted to do about their level! Maybe it could be the level of your 2nd/3rd highest level commander. Need to think about this more.


Well you got your wish, for just $1,500.00 you can max our enlist!

I feel like we’ve been pretty consistently forward about how this is gonna work.

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Perfect timing :joy:
Now I just need to sell my car (which I don’t have), and then I shall be invincible!

You have been absolutely consistent!

Do these deals contain a chance to obtain more than 1 copy? And do the chats contain cards for epic and rare cards from that season as well?

The pack comes with a guarantee of two Enlist cards, in addition to the coins, diamonds, etc.

TYou’re not being clear. And it’s clear you are trying to be that way. Please stop. If you were to buy this deal, could you by chance get more than 2 enlist cards? CAN THESE ALSO COME WITH RARE AND EPIC CARDS FROM SEASON 1??? Thank you ! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Sorry I didn’t answer your question well. This particular pack comes with exactly two Enlist! cards and no other season cards.

S7Dave, I’m going to ask you a dangerous question. Do you actually believe that package is even close to worth the price?

Personally, I think value packs appeal to only a few people. It’s kind of like walking into a physical store – most items won’t appeal to me and I won’t buy them. But almost everything in the store appeals to someone. Obviously, we’d love for everyone to walk into our store and find something that they’d be happy to purchase. Of course, we have to balance what we sell in a way that is best for the business (so we can stay in business and keep improving the game!). In free to play games like this, some players won’t find anything they’d like to buy in the store but we try to provide something that everyone finds valuable and believes is worth buying to support the game (e.g., Elite). Regardless of what a player buys (including nothing at all) we want the game to be fun for them … that’s core to our company and the cornerstone that is most beloved by our team members.


How about battling while waiting on chest’s timer, wins reduce the cool down or something along those lines.

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Such as: teams form within an alliance and ready up - they enter the queue in a 2v2 ladder which could be set upon the time of day devs are able to see most members online - it could be card-restricted or commander restricted or free-for-all. Gems or gold could be used to enter, or even coins and the winner takes the pot, with 2nd and 3rd a consolation prize and the rest a participation award. stakes could be raised by the players like a poker match, or bonus awards for defeating the previous ladder’s champions - headhunting. With incentives to beat the other champions, this may encourage more buying of upgrades - to both the champion and the contenders. The champion team could be rewarded with a temporary coin booster or award for the duration of their reign. There would be a ladder chat room and teams can use to encourage gameplay.

This seems difficult mostly in getting all players online to participate at the same time, however.


A better feature to add to avasa instead of her having to punch 1 air unit at a time since most air units are played in pairs she should be able to launch either 1 or 2 missile if not more or low dmg

  • some sort of 2v2 event or other type of game mode besides ranked would be sick.

  • More bosses for boss blitz? Especially with the quests and required 2v2 it’s been more like a chore than fun

  • 3v3 ranked on a bigger map (maybe 3 lanes) is something I’d love to see. Imagine having to counter 9 madness or 3 suited up avasas. The combos would be crazy I think a lot of people would enjoy it.