Featured Unitsss

I think requiring 4 of the same card in a deck kind of restricts creative deck building. in this next event I assume you are putting 4 cartilleries in the deck. I wouldn’t play that card at all in the event. It already does enough damage to kill what ever it hits and will be kind of disappointing to draw into multiples of. It also make playing reapers, a really good card for this event, hard to fit into any deck that isn’t Avassa or Roxie due to the high amount of tech 2 units already in the deck. I would suggest cutting it back to 2 or even 1 featured unit in the deck.

Also you have only do epic units. I would say that there is very few people in this game that don’t have all the old epic units. Can we get a legendary unit to try out?

Thanks for the feedback @NRage! We did internal playtesting around the number of units to be featured in events like these and decided on 4 to make the featured unit seem more impactful to the match. However, this number isn’t set in stone, and we’ve only had a small handful of events with featured units so far––there’s still room for tweaking things in future events!