Featured units......nope

I’ve brought this up a few times, but this featured unit thing is getting ridiculous. Mainly because it takes up so many slots in our deck, when we need to utilize that space. I’ve suggested keeping the featured units, but don’t include it on the deck building screen. It’s incredibly frustrating. In this event specifically, the card choice is crap anyway, then we have these little a-hole medic drones flying around everywhere. This game is getting worse and worse, with multiple issues, and it’s sad. It’s a beautiful game but we’re watching it slowly be destroyed

I, too, would love it if featured units weren’t included and were instead an addition. Then you could put five of them in my deck for all I care.

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I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying that if we just hid it from the deck building screen that would fix the problem for you? Wouldn’t that make it really confusing when this card is just appearing during battle?

The featured units for this event aren’t very useful. Same goes for the previous event that had Junkers featured.

And to be honest, units that are featured in events shouldn’t be forced into an event deck. It should be there on the side, like any other units that aren’t permanently locked into the event deck, and unlocked for the duration of the entire event. If featured units aren’t locked into an event deck, it would allow players to express creativity and conduct strategies that works best for them without any restrictions.

One level of abtsraction up: One of our design goals of events is to force players to build weird new decks and use cards which they normally would not consider. We found that without featured units, players just kept using the cards they already were familiar with.

Our goal is that every player finds every card valuable sometimes and invests broadly across their collection.

We just want to be able to utilize every deck slot, and for the featured units to be in addition to that—so deck sizes will end up being larger during an event if this change happens, since featured units will be in addition to our normal deck.

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What I’m saying is if we are going to be forced to use certain cards, do not have them show up on the deck building screen taking up much needed card slots. Maybe put a little picture up in the corner telling us what our featured unit is for that event. Then when we play an event battle, the featured units show up in our hand.

I get the goal behind this, I just feel like the layout is a little off.

Another suggestion, which I don’t really know if it’s realistic, make the featured units maxed for the event. What is frustrating is we have to use cards that sometimes we never use so they aren’t leveled up. So to be competitive with the featured units, we have to use our very scarce coins to level them up. If all featured units were maxed across the board, I think it wouldn’t be so bad.

Side note: I think you were hoping no one would catch this, but you guys also nerfed the coins we can purchase the with alliance coins from 4000 to 2000. Stop. Taking. Our. Coins!!!