Featured units......nope

I’ve brought this up a few times, but this featured unit thing is getting ridiculous. Mainly because it takes up so many slots in our deck, when we need to utilize that space. I’ve suggested keeping the featured units, but don’t include it on the deck building screen. It’s incredibly frustrating. In this event specifically, the card choice is crap anyway, then we have these little a-hole medic drones flying around everywhere. This game is getting worse and worse, with multiple issues, and it’s sad. It’s a beautiful game but we’re watching it slowly be destroyed

I, too, would love it if featured units weren’t included and were instead an addition. Then you could put five of them in my deck for all I care.

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I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying that if we just hid it from the deck building screen that would fix the problem for you? Wouldn’t that make it really confusing when this card is just appearing during battle?

The featured units for this event aren’t very useful. Same goes for the previous event that had Junkers featured.

And to be honest, units that are featured in events shouldn’t be forced into an event deck. It should be there on the side, like any other units that aren’t permanently locked into the event deck, and unlocked for the duration of the entire event. If featured units aren’t locked into an event deck, it would allow players to express creativity and conduct strategies that works best for them without any restrictions.

One level of abtsraction up: One of our design goals of events is to force players to build weird new decks and use cards which they normally would not consider. We found that without featured units, players just kept using the cards they already were familiar with.

Our goal is that every player finds every card valuable sometimes and invests broadly across their collection.


We just want to be able to utilize every deck slot, and for the featured units to be in addition to that—so deck sizes will end up being larger during an event if this change happens, since featured units will be in addition to our normal deck.

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What I’m saying is if we are going to be forced to use certain cards, do not have them show up on the deck building screen taking up much needed card slots. Maybe put a little picture up in the corner telling us what our featured unit is for that event. Then when we play an event battle, the featured units show up in our hand.

I get the goal behind this, I just feel like the layout is a little off.

Another suggestion, which I don’t really know if it’s realistic, make the featured units maxed for the event. What is frustrating is we have to use cards that sometimes we never use so they aren’t leveled up. So to be competitive with the featured units, we have to use our very scarce coins to level them up. If all featured units were maxed across the board, I think it wouldn’t be so bad.

Side note: I think you were hoping no one would catch this, but you guys also nerfed the coins we can purchase the with alliance coins from 4000 to 2000. Stop. Taking. Our. Coins!!!

I get the point of the featured units is to explore new decks. It’s fun when I have the featured units leveled up, but otherwise it’s extremely annoying. I would enjoy the events a lot more if the featured units’ level were adjusted to at least your commander level.

These are great suggestions. I’ve spent coin I was saving to level up featured units to be competitive in an event only to never use those units again.

I actually like events more than multiplayer because you can mix and match units across factions and make new decks. So i am fully behind the goal. I do think it would be nice to mix in a few events without featured cards, or with full access to our card choices, now and then. I also think it would be fun to play around with other types of deck restrictions, such as “no legendaries allowed” or “cost of 3 or less” to see what people come up with - it doesn’t require featured cards to drive that goal.

I will say the thing I DO like about having some of the season cards as featured cards is that you can try before you buy. Gives a chance to try out the mechanics of a new card before choosing where to spend season tokens.

So just mix up how you make us mix things up from time to time? :slightly_smiling_face:


Ironically they are often cards that having THAT many makes it useless coupled with one that often JUST came out and is expensive af to try and force people to level it up as quickly as possible. Regardless of if its strategically good or not.

I really hate how you guys make this super predatory moves and then claim it is somehow in the player’s best interest. Lets look at this recent one…FOUR rally points, seriously? and hive worm, which is expensive and just came out, absolutely disgusting.

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I’m cool with featured units, but as 8 slots in the deck, and across tech tiers, it really gets to be frustrating. I’d prefer either they be limited to one per event, or be displayed in such a way that it’s obvious they’re in addition to normal deck slots.

Hi! I just wanted to add to this as well.

I understand the reason behind the featured units. However, the current event is a perfect example of how excessive it actually is. They take up valuable slots, the featured units in this case are kind of useless, and the amount of units that is required is kind of ridiculous to be honest.

If we’re going to have featured units, let’s have one instead of two. I think three slots is enough, but personally I would like to see an idea I had previously put into play: don’t have them take up deck slots at all on the building screen, but once in battle have them show up in our hand.

I just think this feature needs to be tweaked a little bit…

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I liked your idea as well. I’m not sure the devs completely understood your concept. The way I took it was; let us build our deck with the a available units then the featured cards get shuffled in afterwards, effectively making our decks hold 8 more cards (assuming 2 featured units x4 cards/featured unit) for the tournaments.


Yes that’s exactly what I was trying to say. So when you start a battle, your deck is bigger than a standard deck. Which, honestly, I think would be ok since it would be specific to events

I totally agree with your however, I think 4 units per feature is a bit excessive. Even 3 is pushing it but would be much better than 4. Personally, I think 2 would convey your same message of diversifying new decks while at the same time allowing players the chance to depend on strategy rather than depending on a descent card draw.
I like your idea, events should be a fun challenging new style of game play, but that only works if you allow us to create descent strategies. With the featured units requiring 4 slots per deck for each featured unit… no one is able to enjoy it. Unless maybe you have a badass Val deck or you just get a better card draw. That’s literally the only strategy. You have to pray you get a better card draw.

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Sorry to necro-thread this, but it’s still open, and more relevant in this tournament than ever. We don’t need 4 of each featured unit in these tournaments. This one is really the worst one that I’ve seen. None of the units that are available in the deck are worth Enlisting imo. They are ok units, but not the game changers that by having a couple more could swing a win.


Give me a good strategy to deal with this draw. I have plenty of T1 and T2 units in my deck. I should have just mashed the Concede button from the start.

My first 8 cards in my last battle was 4 enlist, 3 nuke, and Avasa… no labs, no tier 1. My opponent through out Teddy and 2 grunts right away… I had to play a nuke just to let me get more cards… can you say automatic loss.

I love the event feature myself. The concept at least. My problem with events are that I’m forced to play against players with my weak level 10 cards I never use against their level 16 cards from last season I can’t obtain. Events are another area where card levels should all be maxed just like gauntlet. Forced cards should be limited to 2 per card with more allowed and maximum number of matches played should have a reasonable limit. I’m not opposed to spending crystals to try and step into the rank 1 position because I understand that’s how the devs get paid. I personally would start spending on the game if it looks like it might actually help but currently in events it’s so random and hopeless if I end up against someone with certain cards I can’t even obtain while I’m forced to use my weakest cards

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The other issue I’m having with this tournament is that frequently my enemy’s Scouts and Heralds are spawning at rank 15 vs mine which spawn at rank 10. My Commander isn’t rank 10 and neither my Scouts or Heralds are rank 10. Not sure why this is happening, but it’s a death sentence. On top of that, the T1 card fix isn’t fixed. Last 3 matches playing as Nash with multiple T1 cards in my deck and nothing playable on the draw.