Favorite Season 1 Unit

Just throwing this out there to find out what units everyone is liking and why. So far I’ve tried the Reaper and the Herald. I’m just breaking into gold with cards around 11-12 level so dropping a fresh Reaper on the field wasn’t impressive yet. But right out of the gate the Herald, by sheer force of the number of Scouts you get to dump on the field quickly, was pretty deadly. Even at level 4, 9 Scouts out of nowhere turns the ride fast. So that’s my favorite and I’m focused on leveling the Herald up first.

Haven’t tried the Dragonfly yet but I’ve seen it in battle. Looks like a Pixie that doesn’t forget to shoot up, so worth having.

You can only get scouts of level 1 above the Herald, which is useful when its level aligns with the rest of your deck. If you have all level 11 cards and suddenly you release 9 level-5 Scouts, people are gonna laugh real hard before sending an area-attacking unit to wipe you out. I think it is useful for a rush attack when the level is up, but serves limited help for now.

I actually like the Legion skin better than any units; ‘gonna get them all.

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Also, you only get 3 Scout cards when you have the vacancy - if you already have 6 cards I hand, and you play the Herald (makes it 2 vacant spots), you’ll get 2 scout cards only. It works when you are empty handed; really bad when you are full with cards and your energy is filling at snail speed.

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You’re right about that Legion desert camo. Black Ascension and purple Rogue look cool but the Legion one is the best so far.

I’ve had good results with the Herald so far. AOE stuff can wipe the weaker Scouts out but I try not to deploy them too close together. Even at lower levels all those Scouts hit harder than an Ant Queen who’s had a head start. I have gotten a little frustrated at trying to empty my hand enough to play the Herald and get the most Scouts. But if that’s the only downside I’m good with it.

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