Favorite combos!



Let’s discuss favorite combos. I’m know some people don’t like sharing what’s working but I don’t mind at all.

So far my favorite combo is that boom box and chuckie. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) I like this combo because tbh I got wrecked with it two games ago and it flat out works

The boom box speeds up chuckie’s atk rate and obliterates barriers.

Let’s keep this thread going. You don’t have to spill all your secrets but one or two would be good for the community.

  • ProjectRamzee


I see what you did there he he he


nash and roxie on the field together for double the speed bonus


Roxie + Nuke Trucks + Mimics. Can be a pain train when executed well. Can also add zoom box for extra speed. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t exactly do well, but my favorite thing to do is play my Giga “meme” deck that contains the highest HP Ascension units, revolving around the strategy of Nano-shielding my units, then Freezing the enemy army, and when that runs out, rinse & repeat. Win rate’s barely break-even, but when it works, it’s the best feeling.