False advertising regarding in app purchase price


Lucky i paid attention otherwise would have been conned into paying the normal amount instead of the advertied discounted rate. This kind of business practices is appalling.

Please stop this shady tactic, not impressed


Contacting the support team might be the best way to go regarding this. :slight_smile:


Hi @sausage. As suggested by @CooLFr3aK, the best way for us to see what’s happening with your attempted purchase is to contact support here. If you could provide a screenshot of what you were seeing, it would really help us try and reproduce the issue. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


This is bs, can’t even submit anything via that link. Keeps doing the kapcha thingy over and over.
Can’t post screenshots on here because its opened within game, when trying to access this outside game, it doesn’t allow:
Get your sh** together


Can you PM me your support ID and email? We’ll create a ticket for you and get the ball rolling on this.

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