Exploiting the Avasa/Warp bug

A while back I reported a bug where if you warped Avasa right onto a barricade it would swing through and kill power plants and units on the other side. This hasn’t been fixed and now people are exploiting it. I’ve seen several times where for no good reason the warp gets played right into the shield and suddenly you lose defenders and power plants and the units trying to kill Avasa and all the other warped things get killed by Avasa’s swing.

This really needs to be fixed.

Hi @Lyth thank you for bringing this up. If you could point us at a specific replay we could get this fixed much more quickly. (ref 60574)

Not sure I can still see it but it was right before I posted this.

There no glitch in that replay lol

Hi @Peetah. Was your intention to show the described warp + avasa bug? I’m not seeing it in this video. Was there some other issue you wanted us to be aware of in this video?

We have a replay of this one (ref 60285) but no fix yet. We have it tentatively slated for our next app release, but as with most bugs we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to fix it by then – it depends on how tricky it ends up being to track down.

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