Explicit Description of how the devs operate

To the devs: as you have decided to fuck all the players right up the ass, I don’t feel that my harsh language is unwarranted. Would you stop being assholes? Every update is making gameplay worse and worse. I put in more hours a week than you do in a month so when I choose to spend my hard-earned capital to help better a game, I don’t expect an ass raping and then to be pissed upon afterwards. Shame on you for ruining what once was a great experience.


They most definitely ruined this game I mean come on s7 y’all have completely lost there way and this is not the same game I first started playing.


Kingpin is a very good player and he never complaint anything until this update came out, he just started his first move here :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hi all

Normally, it would be against our rules to allow someone to use our systems to wage personal attacks, threats, name calling, etc. On this forum, I’ve allowed people to talk to me ways which are very aggressive and would break our normal standards. I’ve done this in an attempt to be accepting of criticism.

I believe by doing this, I’ve normalized that it’s ok to use personal attacks on other people. Talking to other players in this way is not allowed. Accounts which do this in the game or on the forum will be restricted.

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