Exotic and Legendary units availablity

Can you increase the number of purple chests we see in multiplayer rewards and maybe cut done on some of the white ones. Can you also give a slight chance to open a yellow card in the purple multiplayer rewards chest. It is tiring to have the buy everything out of the shop instead of buying a hero. Events aren’t a good source of these cards. You have to give up your life to even get some purple cards out of it.

Lol yeah they aren’t gonna do that, they recently decreased the rewards in gauntlet without even telling anyone so good luck

Trey7, that’s not accurate. We have not changed gauntlet rewards since the game launched except to add some seasons points to them.

Why did I get 200 gems a week ago with six wins and then two days ago I got 100? I bought a gem pack specifically to run gauntlet but not with that pay out, which is indeed different than it was a week ago for me. But then again it did show the platinum trophy at two wins and then changed to a bronze at three and then silver and so on so six wins was only a gold. Which again seems odd compared to how it was a week ago.

I average an elite chest every 5 resets . They contain approximately 5 times the goodness compared to a rare chest with a chance of a legendary card. Pretty awesome and even better if your elite. Only thing i feel could topper off is some of those precious season tokens.



Season tokens in multiplayer chest is a good win since there isnt many places to ger them atm, and like a decent amount…

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I guess I have had the worst luck in opening 0 yellow cards in my 2 months of playing with elite.

Double basic chest feels real bad to get. It is like not get a reward for 2 wins.

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And you guys just submarined the rewards for the events…

I have a question too. In three wins for the event, I received less than 20 points. Opponents units were similarly matched to mine. One guy was dropping eternal warriors, a unit I don’t have myself. And two of those wins, the points awarded weren’t announced. Is this a glitch?

I was in 2nd place and 175 points away from first place. 3 wins should have put me really really close or in the lead in my mind… I paid extra for more gems, and then bought more tickets. It feels like a boot in the pants when your win yields next to no points… Any explanations? Again, a glitch?

There is a random component to the rewards, so you won’t get identical rewards every time you get the same amount of wins. When you got 200 diamonds for 6 wins, the random component was diamonds; when you got only 100 diamonds for 6 wins, the random component was alliance tokens or coins. The underlying random distribution has not changed since the game’s launch.

If you want to be guaranteed 200 diamonds back, you’ll need to get 7 wins. :slight_smile:

Why would this ever work on a random distributor mechanic? How is that any different than just cutting the prizes?

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