Example decks?

Usually a competitive game like this has a section where examples of meta decks are posted. I’ve scoured this forum and I’m surprised that there’s no real thread for this.

What are some examples of a balanced or meta deck? I’ve seen terms thrown around like “rush Nash” and the like, but those are sorta vague.


Here’s some of my favorite decks but some of them might be changing/not be top tier anymore with the new season units:

Nash Rush

Nash Pilot Mechs

Nash Tempo

Giga Tempo (this would probably be very different if I had good specters and lightbringers)

Riot Val (don’t have any goo dogs or hive worms so not sure how good they are in this deck)

Roxie Storm (don’t have any goo dogs or hive worms so not sure how good they are in this deck, felt super OP before the season started, not sure now)


Goo dogs are AMAZING.

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Thread extention.

I like the fact that You cannot find the strongest decks in the game. It forces you to youse your brain and logic to come up with your own deck. It also makes the game more diverse. Netdecking always leads to a boring gameplay towards the highest level, because everyone just uses the same 3 copy-pasted top decks. (Mind you, it is always possible to see what the top players are using by inspecting their guilds :wink:).


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