Everything turns to Gold?

So…how does taking something worthless (alliance tokens) and changing the name but leaving all the problems the same fix anything?


Yeah, kinda disappointed that with this. I was told a few days ago that the fact that I have over 400k “gold” would pay off with the new update. Not so much. I don’t need cards

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Can we have more options to convert our gold to silver, or sell our cards for silver?

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@Kier what’s super frustrating is we have made it clear we would like real solutions for the alliance tokens. We want to be able to buy things we actually need. Personally I have tons of card copies but no coins to upgrade, and that’s the point we’ve been trying to get across to the devs. They didn’t fix the problem with being able to buy card copies, they made it worse

Supposedly gold can be used to instantly get units upgradable even if you don’t have the cards but I am not seeing that feature…

Right. It’s giving you worthless things. But with a different name…

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