Every Events

Why in the events am I battling level 16 with level 17 troops??? This happens every event. I am a level 14. I read about the reasons and excuses but I don’t get to battle level 11 or 12 it is always higher not lower. Last Sunday I lost 8 out of 10 battles and ended with 20 wins. You can’t tell me that there are no level 14s playing. This is very frustrating as I have played in every event for the last three months but always get stopped buy unfair levels or have to power up twice to get a fighter and by the time that happens it is another loss. I want to keep playing the game but it needs to be fair and fun. Going into an event knowing that I am going to win 18 - 20 events without a chance of doing better sucks. Sorry for the ranting but I am getting very frustrated with a game that I enjoy playing


See the odd thing is I’m a high level guy and I never seem to face people like you describe yourself as.

Gameplay sure seems frustrating to you. I hope it’s even read by an employere-that might seem like they cared even a little bit about your experience

I am lvl 15 and most of the battles are against lvl 16,17. Rarely i face lvl below me. Therefore some players lvl 16 and 17 are facing lower lvl players most of the time? By logic yes. Or something is wrong with the whole thing.

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