Events are broken

Since the programmers obviously don’t have a clue on how to balance the game…this is a simple fix for them. For EVENTS make all leaders level 17 and open them ask up them msie every card level 17 also. Being level 11-12 width a couple level 15 cards, being put against a level 15 leader with 16-17 level cards if not only frustrating, it’s beyond retarded. Either fix the game or get out of the business. Personally I will not spend another dime on this game until the programmers fix this matchmaking fiasco.


How are they broken??

Is this English?


They are saying they want it gauntlet style with maxed cards all around

I mean…I’m sure people want to all drive Ferraris… but saying that you’re not driving until someone gives you one isn’t really reasonable either.


The message here is that matchmaking is broken in the sense that you should never be able to face a top deck, if your score is currently not at this lvl. It is believed that top decks win more, which is normal. The win more points then and are on top of leaderboard. If you have a less strong deck, you might be ranked middle to low of leaderboard and should therefore only be match with middle-low ranked people until you climb and hit these top ranked.


It’s impossible to win for new players. Not only do we have lower level cards but also last seasons cards are locked to us permanently and then you often have a 5 level disadvantage to deal with.
I have yet to see a package worth buying that could come remotely close to closing this gap and even if they did make such a think I’m sure they would expect a very unreasonable $150 for a game.

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Fair play, you came late you don’t get the rewards instantly, if units were given out instantly then the season would be a waste and no one would care, wait a season and you will be able to get them

The point is t that we have to wait. We simply can’t get them. Also the events are unfairly matched due to that reason. If you want new players to enjoy the game they shouldn’t be discouraged by an impossible match making system that strongly rewards old players and discourages newcomers

So out of curiosity then. How should older players(just as a segment) be rewarded? If you can instantly have the exact same thing. How would you differentiate the merit?

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I don’t think anyone said instantly but not for nothing when the season ends the season cards should go into crates and the store just like any other card. Maybe lock it from the upgrade with gold option but if they aren’t available at all it’s too great a disadvantage for people coming to the game after the season. The benefit players who were in the season got was getting them early and through the season trees not having to collect them. The original season players will have a significant level advantage still for quite some time.


But then what was the reason of the season if you can get the units from chest right after season ends? There isn’t a point to it. People can buy the units after the “limited time” units that people grinded for.

Nonsense almost every other game Ive played the season cards go in no more than a month after the season ends if not the second it ends. The point is you get the season cards much easier in the season than you do after, they are just a couple of many cards in the chests and still have to be pulled randomly. No one is going to max them super fast but they can work on them,

I will add most of the people who argue to keep it special just want the advantage they give over people who don’t have them.

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I’d even be fine with them having them in the regular ranked which still gives an unfair advantage in its own right. We at least need to be on even ground in the events though which means this seasons events should only have this seasons units.

What would they offer as exclusivity then? I agree…maybe not something as impactful as it is though. But if they immediately cheapen it and add it in right after. Why would the majority of the game care about it during the season then lol?

Because you get it during the season and you get the tokens you choose not the random cards in chests. That’s up to 3 months or so of play with it and maxing out the ones you choose not just what you happen to get.

Exclusivity in needed cards not simply cosmetic things is just people wanting an advantage over other players.

True, but you did say 3 months or so… how long does a season last? Around 3 months/ resets.

That’s why I said 3 months. You get to use them during the season from the trees, after the season they should just become normal cards. This current system is completely a screw to new players and players who don’t have the time to play the events to no end, especially under the current pay to win system.

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And what you are asking for is that us players who have been around longer and spent both time and money to place top 10 should have that tossed out? That would be a quick way to make sure more of us quit.

Besides, the devs have already said the season cards will eventually become available. As it is I randomly go a copy of enlist the other day much to my pleasure. I’m not upset that I didn’t get to max it during the event. But I’m certainly not going to suggest other people who did should have that reward trivialized.

Why do so many people say adding it as a normal card one of many from rare to legendary only suddenly trivializes the season. It’s not like they add it, a new player signs on and suddenly all 9 units are maxed out.

The season should intro the new card and let people who play the season get a leg up on others it shouldn’t give them a permanent or even long standing advantage.

Fastest way to kill a game is to make it unapproachable to new players. Fastest way to do that is to have required cards that are unobtainable.