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I have a few concerns regarding rewards for the new Event War feature for alliances (alliance vs alliance in bi-weekly event):

  1. I have been a top medal contributor in every event since this feature has been applied and to my knowledge my alliance has won every Event War we have participated in, yet I have not seen any season token earnings as a prize for defeating the opposing alliance.

  2. I am unsure if this is a bug or if the winning alliance receives these tokens automatically(meaning I don’t have to claim the prize). If the prize is given automatically I may not be noticing the increase in my season tokens, however, if I am supposed to be “claiming” a prize for helping my alliance win the Event War… then I am NOT receiving any reward once my alliance wins.

  3. Lastly, I want to emphasize that I could be mistaken since it is still unclear to me how the Event War system works. Does the winning alliance receive these rewards at the end of the season or at the end of the event? Is the Event War a sort of tournament where the alliances continue to compete until the end of the season at which point these prizes are distributed to alliance members or are the prizes awarded to the alliance members at the end of each bi-weekly event?

It is unclear to me how the rewards are being distributed and to be clear I have never (to my knowledge) accepted (or received) any prize for being in the alliance that has won the Event War against the opposing alliance. This frustrates me because I have been a top contributor since this feature has been implemented. If you can provide any feedback on whether I am dealing with a bug or if I am just mistaken on how the reward system works that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

We just added prizes in the most recently completed Event War. I see you earned (and received) 1,691 tokens (wow!) for your win. There should have been a popup for you to collect it when you opened your game, but it is easy to dismiss on accident without seeing it. We’re working on a proper collect prize button for this in a future release. Thanks for bearing with me!

Token prizes are delivered shortly after the event ends (~10 minutes or so usually) you’ll receive your prize after you close and re-open the game (for now). The top 3 teams in the game will also get custom portraits when the season ends.

Sorry the current distribution mechanism isn’t that great. We opted to get prizes out sooner rather than wait for a better collect option. We’ll get the better collect option out as soon as we can though (future app release, I expect v2.40).


Thank you for your swift response! I’ll be sure to keep a watchful eye after this event to make sure that the prize is being received.(assuming our alliance wins again)

I don’t recall seeing any sort of pop up, but again, I could be mistaken. I play so often it’s hard to remember sometimes lol but I’ll be sure to watch for it after the reforge event and will report back to you if we win and I don’t receive anything.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome, and good luck in your war! The popup isn’t the best solution for exactly this reason – it’s easy to miss (and in fact you might not even see if it you open, close and re-open the game … which makes it quite hard to know you got your tokens, though I promise you will!). In a few weeks we’ll have an app update that includes a proper collect button (like the daily alliance quest)!

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Turns out we won and I got the reward notification after all

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Awesome, and congrats on the win and your hefty prize! In a future app update we’ll make it so players can claim the prize more like they claim the daily alliance quest prize (with a button in a menu, instead of a popup).

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