Event Trophy Payout

Okay, so I get that the match making is “being worked on”, since I started playing this game and it’s fluctuated from bad to better to worse to now it’s just broken and now there’s something else on top of it that completely ceased progress in events for myself. Some how the system takes an invisible factor and implements it when it decides to pay you for a win and if it considers the opponent too low, then you will get FIVE POINTS for a win.
What does the system consider a low level you may ask? Well…

I guess these two bad boys who have reached leagues way farther than I ever have are “weak” to me, a level 23 diamond tier player who started 45 days ago. So I either get this…image or I get nothing at all. You don’t even want the money I’m willing to give you, I can’t even get anywhere at this point lol I’m lost this time

Here’s a pic of the low pay out too

I am having the same problem and I am in a higher is this a game mechanic if so it is not fair to players like me who just started and have been playing hard core in order to rank up.

This feels almost like a punishment for not being a high enough event power and if it is it needs to change in order to cater to all players not just the ones who have been here the longest.

An explanation would be nice why we are getting 5 trophies which I got that amount 6 times in a row from lvl 13 - 17 players.

A mor in depth explanation on how the ranking system awards and track players progress would be appreciated because the current system does not make sense.

I am also paid a lot to get this far to get to this point and enjoy the game so far but if these changes that you are going to make only benefit players who spend or been here the longest then eventually the game will die because of a lack of growth.

The guy below me was behind me by 400 at one point he caught up like it was nothing

And I have been trying to creat a major lead but I am not going to do it with 5 points at a time.


It’s so random, I’ve been two wins away from first and then hundreds because I get five points for six hours and three resets worth of fights

Hi @Cronos2!

Congrats for holding the #1 spot on a very tough leaderboard. Even if it’s only momentarily, that’s a super big feat.

Our events are not designed to be “grinded.” Our intention is that the winner is the person who beat the most tough opponents. As long as you continue to defeat opponents who are more tough than previous opponents you have defeated, you will continue to generate meaningful medals. If you are beating opponents of similar difficulty as in the past, you’ll hit an equilibrium.

Our intention is that the winner of the event should not be the person who grinds 200 battles playing every 3 minutes for 18 hours all weekend. We don’t want that to be the optimal play behavior required to win —- tons of past experience has shown this to be negative for various reasons. Instead, the winner should be someone who played a decent number of games (say… 20-50) and shown that they can defeat almost all opponents.

In other words Kasparov becomes the top chess player by defeating the other highest ranked chess players. He should be able to reach those high ranks in a weekend tournament in a reasonable number of games, without worry that he need to play 300 games in 3 days every weekend tournament and burnout.

My cousin is a pretty good chess player at his local university, but he’s definitely not in the world class level where he could beat Kasparov. The rules need to be such that my cousin won’t defeat Karparov in the weekend tournament by playing 300 games against his university buddies and generating enough points that he gets ahead of Kasparov without defeating any of the top players. The points my cousin generates needs to start reaching equilibrium unless he starts defeating players in a much higher level than the kids in his local school chess club.

Does this explanation help explain? I hope that makes sense and helps. If you really want to learn more about the background of this topic, check out this article on “ELO” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system

For further description of why we strongly want to avoid the winning strategy to be “play the most games”, see other threads where we talk about “the burden of optimal play.”

Thank you for contributing your first forum post and for supporting our game.

Please take a step back and realize that what ever mechanics are in place aren’t fair…look at who’s on top of my leader board and how no one can even catch up to them because they are maxed and I’m no where even close to them in level but still holding third. This isn’t working the way it’s supposed to because events are supposed to breed competition, five points per win for defeating someone two levels above me doesn’t do this.

and then here’s my stats

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Plus in chess, there’s no level 17 queen against a level 13 queen

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Also, here’s a quick unit comparison between me and second place, because for whatever reason my power is soooo high in the event and theirs is some how lower image

Hi @Trey7

To clarify, the way ELO systems would work is that you would generate significant points if you could defeat players who are stronger than the ones you are currently defeating. If you continue to defeat players of about the same strength as you have beaten in the past, you will eventually reach an equilibrium.

I’m not sure, but my assumption is since llllll and Neiyah are above you on the leaderboard, they have been defeating a more difficult set of players than the ones you have been defeating.

For context, have you played games against Illl or Neiyah? Did you win or lose? Or if you haven’t played against them, would you expect to defeat them?

If you don’t believe you would defeat these players head to head, it feels correct that they are above you on the leaderboard.

They shouldn’t be in my league, are you serious? How are some level 27s in CHRONOs league and some are with level 23s? So you’re saying that events are only for maxed out players? Because again, I’m beating players two or three levels above me and getting nothing for it and then get matched against maxed out players and just get destroyed. So are you saying I need to manipulate the system, drop rank and get put into a lower league because your system isn’t fair? That’s a pretty odd way to justify this happening

And again, here are the players I’m beating and getting minimum points for so you saying that I just am trash isn’t really working for me either

Why do you keep justifying the system being broken for me? I was going to direct message you instead of saying this on the forum but it appears you disabled that feature, but I’m feeling extremely disrespected as a customer and so many others are and I can’t understand how you don’t treat your customers such as myself like you actually appreciate their business and care if they have fun in your game.

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To be clear, I don’t mean any disrespect. You’re asking questions around how the system works and I’m trying to explain the underlying system and how it works.

My understanding is that the system decides how to group people onto event leaderboards based on how strong their collection of event units are (it’s the number next to the green badge on the leaderboard.)

Based in the screenshot you pasted, Illlllll has a collection power of 21.6k, Naiyah has a collection power of 22.2k and you have a collection power of 23.4k. This means for the set of units in the event, their event cards have similar or lower levels than the ones you have. I’m not sure how they could “drop rank” or manipulate the system in this situation because you can’t make card levels go down to sandbag your way onto an easier leaderboard.

I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I’m trying to be transparent of how the event rules work and the background of why we made things work the way they do.

I’m not frustrated they are in my league. I’m frustrated that when I’m beating opponents higher than myself, I’m getting the same points they would be getting if they fought the same opponent. Here’s my issue. The opponents that I keep facing are already stronger than me, I beat them because I’m good at this game, if there wasn’t a level system like in chess that you keep comparing it to, I’m pretty positive that I’d be a top tier player but that’s not how the system works and I love the progression but I hate that I don’t get rewarded for beating someone stronger than me, and I actually get punished by a. Getting less points per win even though the opponents are stronger, and b. The next opponent will much likely be even stronger and I’ll have even less of a chance to win. I’ve been silenced twice now for speaking out about things that I find predatory and I’m trying to be more tactful about how I approach these things but regardless of the issues, I’m still buying gems and an active leader in the game and plan to continue playing. But there are so many things that the entire player base agrees that is broken and not helping the game and this is the newest but most impactful issue I can think of. If I get more points for beating someone stronger than ME, that makes sense. But when I get less points because it’s off their elo and I have an oddly high elo for having much lower leveled cards, which doesn’t make any sense to me being that I showed you a unit level comparison. Also, not owning the event cards or not having higher event card levels puts you at a lower score and if you hold onto your points, don’t upgrade event cards, and stick with your level 16 cards that aren’t event cards, your score is going to be THOUSANDS lower, so there are many ways to manipulate the system and I’m sure I can think of more. Not saying I will do it because I hate exploits, but the way things are right now are not working

Also, for some reason those two players are literally the only ones progressing in my entire league, just look at the point gap starting literally after me

For example, I just barely lost to a level 16 opponent. Now, next battle I will get either a level 14 or 15 opponent, win and get five points. Notice the low event unit level as I previously stated image

Here’s another example of how to spoof match making and trick the system by keep commander level low and troop level high image

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