Event title problem

Your latest event, the one that will take place in 2 days with a logo of two guns, its Chinese version is actually a pun that can be related to sex. What’s the original name in English? I think I can give you a better name for it.

Thanks for the tip @Alphredo.

I’m guessing you’re referring to the event named 射出? In English this event is called the “Shoot out” event.

Does 决斗 sound like a better translation of the Shoot Out event?

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Yes, 射出 is the term I was referring to.
决斗 is a good paraphrasing translation (the traditional Chinese would be 決鬥), but more precisely it means a duel between two people (not necessarily by shooting. They can fight by Kung Fu or knives, anything). I was thinking of the term 射击 (射擊 for traditional ), which means just shooting, so it may miss the dramatic effect of the “out” part, but it addresses the gun shooting pretty well. Both 决斗 and 射击 would be a more suitable translation for “Shoot Out” in my opinion, just make sure you don’t mix up traditional and simplified Chinese texts. :slight_smile: