Event time left 2hrs error

I’ve noticed that there appears to be an error with the stat that reports how much time there is left until the event ends. This is relevant if you want to by extra event tickets without paying the increased cost for buying twice in the same day.

The error I’ve noticed is that for sure on the first day of the event (not sure about other days) The time will be shown accurately until 2hrs before the end of the first day, then when it gets to an hour 59 minutes before the next day begins it will show the time inaccurately.

For example in the case of the current event it was showing 1 day 2 hrs left until a few minutes ago. Now it showing there as being 1 day left left of the event but I know that there is an hour and something minutes left until the next ‘day’ of the event starts.

Thanks @Abe. We’ll see if we can reproduce this on our end. If you have a screenshot of the timer with a timestamp for reference, it could be helpful for us to debug as well.

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