Event ticket purchase cost did not reset

The title says it all I got up this morning expecting to be able to buy new tickets at starting cost and cannot. I know the time the event started was earlier than it had been previously and I don’t know if that’s why. We need to know new time of event start and new time of ticket purchase reset to play properly. This really doesn’t go with the statement that was made by the devs about not touching events this update.


Yeah , it’s also happened to me. Now it cost 450 to buy 4tickets lol😂
Please fix as soon as possible i need full 100 for personal rewards😢

Thanks for reporting, we are investigating. This is a bug, not an intentional change - its possible the reset time changed with the daily quest update, but we will try to verify and fix.

And word on this MAJOR bug? Cause it’s happening again this event no ticket reset from last night. That means the time has changed despite you stating it wasn’t supposed to.

I’ve done some investigation into this issue, and it appears that in the course of fixing an error that would cause crashes when daylight savings time started or ended in the US, the reset time was changed to midnight GMT (4pm PST). Our apologies for failing to communicate this out to players! I do think that the reset time would be better to occur late at night US time, so we will ticket that change for the next version.

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