Event Ticket Cost Broken?

So, the cost to new tickets in the event seems to have significantly increased and is no longer capped. Is this a bug or just a greedy tactic?


This is intended to limit event progression with pure grind-to-win alone.

You accidentally put the word grind in your reply. You meant to say pay to win. Or create a cost pressure point so great that nobody wants to participate?

I understand you’re just trying to milk more money out of it but jfc, come on.

You talk about grinding? Then you would REDUCE the net cost. Not increase it…


It’s absolutely impossible now to compete at all. By the time I get one ticket, my rank has decreased by 20. So that means that people are still paying to play. Explain to me again how this is meant to be fair? All you guys care about is money, and it’s gross

PocketGems is like that. They had a really good game in WarDragons and have been bleeding the player base slowly. I was hoping they wouldn’t here but it feels like the same formula. Don’t address gameplay issues. Push new and more expensive content and increase cost point.

There are so many ways to increase dollars and increase player base. This is simply not a solution. As long as it’s net more expensive it doesn’t matter how you word it. Telling me that I was paying $10/month and then saying it’s going to help me by having my payment only quarterly and then making said payment $1000 is a crap deal

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This was announced in a prior thread

@Pandread, I don’t think my colleague had a typo.

“This is intended to limit event progression with pure grind-to-win alone.”

He’s saying that previously event leaderboard was completely dominated by whoever was willing to keep spending rubies to refresh tickets and grind the most event battles. When we looked at the top of the event leaderboard, it was all players who were doing something like 200+ event battles even if they had a terrible winrate (and yes they were paying to do this.) I’ve personally read through battle logs a player is doing 3 battles every 5 minutes for many hours on end. We definitely don’t intend that this is the optimal way to play and winner of the event is the person who is willing to an attack every 3 minutes for 12 hours a day for days on end, regardless of deck, winrate, etc. Our most dedicated players are just eventually burn out and quit the game if that’s what’s required.

Yes, people will be paying to refresh tickets with the new system. They were also paying to refresh tickets in the old system. I think it’s safe to say that generally people will refresh fewer times with higher prices. It’s actually unclear to me which method would generate more “net cash”, but either way that is not the motivation of the change; we want the winner of the event leaderboard to be the person who has the best number of winrate over challenging opponents in a reasonable number of battles. I definitely don’t think a system which leads to people refreshing all day without stopping is the way I want the game to work. We want to discourage the view that “i’ll win if i just keep refreshing and creeping up on the leaderboard past people who only played 25-50 battles even though they had a more impressive winrate against more difficult opponents.”

Then this is definitely expectation versus reality. You can slow down the ability to mindlessly grind without hyperinflating cost. Rather than make it pure grind you just put it out of the cost of any reasonable player.

Additionally, it was at least something to do. Since you won’t adjust the coin economy. This was at least a semi grindable way to obtain coins. Now that is gone too.

If you want to reward for wins. Perhaps add tickets to keep going IF you win in the prizing rather than simply increase cost as a deterrent. Adjusting the medals per win is great but jacking the price per attempt up this much is pretty asinine.


What I don’t understand is why do you guys care how we choose to spend our time? That’s why it just seems like a crap price increase. It doesn’t even make sense

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I think the point is to take the event and make it less about paying to win and more about skill. Whales are still gonna whale. But now there’s room on the leaderboard for people to get there by skill.

Looks like it’s working to me. There’s always a huge shift in standings early in an event so having lost ground waiting for tickets is normal on a Friday or on Saturday morning unless you’re one who is used to dumping rubies early and trying to hold position later. My tickets refreshed overnight and I promptly fought my way back to where I was last night plus some. I fought one diamond player as a low gold myself and it was a competitive match. Matchmaking in the event seems to be going well

Sadly it didn’t and won’t stop anyone who has the money. You just increased the price for it, stop trying to make it seem like that was to “help”

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You keep saying “challenging” opponents but I’m level nine against 13-14! I’ve been playing for two weeks and am getting destroyed by every single person now because of how well I WAS doing and now I’m blockaded by high level “challenging opponents” and can’t win a single battle. So glad that you guys “aren’t” optimizing cash flow :roll_eyes: if that isn’t clearly a lie I don’t know what is. And yes, grind-to-win is a mis-labelling or the problem. You 100% know it’s pay to win. Let’s knock off the battle of semantics. We’re clearly hating this.

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You really don’t know what you’re saying if you think just because you’re happy, that means it’s working. Smh


So…we announced it on a forum that most of the game don’t realise exists is the answer? That’s so pg it hurts :joy: this is a gouge, you’ve taken the one fun part of the game and ruined it. Without actually fixing anything.

Luckily for me this is the first time Ive logged in in about 2 weeks, as I saw this coming in a way. Did I like that you’d raise the cost of the only somewhat working part of the game exponentially? No. It’s good as a jaded gamer to have the ability to still be surprised by corporate greed though, in a way. I’m not completely numb :joy: Well and truly out now, the soul sucking greed has finished any joy for me in this.


Yes, I think my experience is an important indicator of whether the changes are working. It is, after all, the player experience that is the subject of the changes. I’ve been unhappy about matchmaking and it appears to have improved from what I see.

So your the majority or the minority? Do you understand what an economy is? Do you think you make up the worlds gdp? Is that how economics works for you? “Steve don’t throw the rotten ham out, frank didn’t get sick from it, the others are just complainers!”

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I don’t appear to be inflating the value of my individual opinion any more than you are

Well when you look at the feedback section and there are five posts from today about how broken everything with the tournaments are, it no longer is my individual opinion so before you go telling them it’s fixed, look outside yourself for everyone else who it’s clearly still messing up for.

It may be working for you Fellixe, but what about those of us that are in the highest bracket?? Last night I was in 12th, opened the app this morning and I was in 35th. There is absolutely NO WAY anyone can be competitive now

The current point difference between 12th and 35th is 222 points. Merely a couple of matches. That isn’t an unreasonable amount of movement in the standings only about 12 hours into a 3 day event in a game that is played worldwide, albeit with a smallish base of players. What that sounds like to me is that it is too competitive to rush to the top of the leaderboard and expect to remain there. It seems as if the intended result of the patch has been achieved. Congratulations to the developer team.

Unfortunately that success is going to be unwelcome to some if they were used to benefitting from the previous, less competitive environment. I’m okay with that.

Do you realize that you aren’t in the same bracket as everyone else? What are you, silver two?

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