Event Rewards Boost

I purchased the event rewards boost in the new coin rewards season option… However, I have no idea what it does or how it works. I may have accidentally missed some info somewhere but can’t find anything… Could someone help explain for me please?

There are two different boosts currently available for purchase.

  1. There is the Coin Booster in seasonal rewards. This can be purchased with seasonal tokens, and increases the amount of coins you earn through regular ranked Multiplayer matches by a certain percentage (can be increased up to 100%). Your current multiplier will be visible within the Multiplayer option. It is important to note that this booster does not affect any other form of coins earned outside of multiplayer chests (Doesn’t work on Gauntlet, monthly shipments, and event prizes). It is also important to note that this boost ends when the season ends.

  2. There are event boosters available for purchase during events within the events screen. These are 1-off items that will only increase your given number of wins by 1 win per use. So purchasing 20 event boosters will provide you with an additional 20 wins. So if you win one match, it counts as two wins towards your events rewards (The rewards that go up to 80 wins). It is important to note that event boosters do not affect your event rating or ranking in any way.


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