Event Reward Missing


Hi, I won the event and got all of the rewards except for the homing missile which is missing from my inventory. After I claimed the rewards the red dot showed up on my Roxie deck as if I had a new unit, but once I clicked edit the homing missile wasn’t there, and now I do not have it at all. The other weird part was that when I claimed the rewards it showed that I was going to get double of everything, which I did, except for the homing missile. I have pics for proof if needed, but getting that homing missile was my whole motivation behind working hard to win the event. Please help.


Hi BrownCow54 - we’re looking into this now. We’ve heard other reports of this so you’re not alone. Apologies for the inconvenience - we’ll definitely make sure you get your rewards correctly.


Thank you. I appreciate the response. Really enjoying the game.


I also didn‘t receive the legendary card.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards


I got the reward. Thanks!