Event reward bug

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I claimed the first event chest reward and went to open it and I have no free chest just the 750 gem ones.


Same, prob because that event chest they have listed is for the wrong event.

Inb4 please send a support ticket even though this issue effects everyone that won a couple games and collected their first chest.

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Yeah I just noticed the chest you can buy is still Shoot Out not Beast Mode and was coming to add that.

Same here. Waiting to see if the want us to open a ticket or just mass award everyone.

Thank you for reporting. We are looking into this.


Also, looks like I have a lot of tickets to play… but I don’t. First time I s seen this.

This guy has 16 wins and 44 rank I have 10 and my I’m in 5th how do rank work seem broken

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Different brackets have different difficulty

Yep. Different brackets. I want In Yours!

How u know what bracket ur in

You don’t. You’re in a fairly easy one / or early game. As you go up you will need to win 80+ games to be in the top 10 … only way to do that is to spend a ton of gems as the system tries to balance our your win / loss ratio.

The more you win the much harder it gets.

Levelling up and winning more games just means you’re regularly up against lvl 17s. Even when you’re lvl 14 …


Exactly. String of 17s is all I get. 40 wins and I’m in 39th place. :raised_hands:t2:

Dang I have played a few 17s but mostly 16 and below

The brackets used to be divided into groups of 50 now they are groups of 75 makes it harder in general for people to do well.

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I’m always in Lyths group now with all the other champions. I do what I can with my level 14 and 15s. :rofl:

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I move around a bit but I’m never the top top of the group

I had 29 wins and got 6 place I’ll take it I don’t know how it works but a I’ll take whatever bracket I’m in lol

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